Can we please have a version Overwatch that is fully supported on Linux?

The Windows operating system is now garbage. This coming from an MCSE with a career 18 years deep with Microsoft technology. Every recent patch has made the OS worse. From deleting My Documents folders to breaking file type associations, ad audio drivers, random blue screens and systems failing to complete patching operations… I’m just done with Microsoft.

As soon as there is a fully supported version of Overwatch for Linux, I’m switching. I know there are ways to make this work now, but I recently read of Linux players being inadvertently banned by the games security features. Hoping for full support soon.

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beast i will be honest i seriously doubt it as linux was never designed for games and some cards like nvidia cards will not work with linux but the my documents folder bug got fixedbut ive never really had a blue screen issue or driver issue so far though ive had microsoft revert some settings like i have mp4, mkv, avi to go to win media player as the tv./movie app is just pure garbage

also, isnt the big thing about linux is that each copy is made to the owner’s wants? which makes it really difficult to make anything standard for it?

They are not planning to make a version for Linux

Unlikely to happen at this time, sorry.

This is not correct. Most distributions (and installs) of linux are not significantly different (within a distribution itself/version). RHEL is RHEL, Ubuntu is Ubuntu. Versions are akin to say Windows7 vs Windows 10. It can be compared to how some installs of Windows are customized (e.g. personal reasons, for Corp IT reasons, etc). There are exceptions such as gentoo, but most distributions are very consistent. Source: My day job is development on linux platform(s).

There is more flexibility in linux that windows in some ways. But many many many people use the standard installations

There is a person who successfully got OverWatch to play under the Steam
(Proton) compatibility functionality. I don’t think Windows is “garbage” and I am a hard-core open source linux advocate. But to each their own.

See this topic:

It seems to work smoothly and cleanly. I’ve not played much with it, but it’s looking good.

Don’t expect an official Linux port. There isn’t a Mac port, this game is very much focused on windows. See: Linux port for overwatch

oh okay, well…i still haven’t had issues with windows 10 since microsoft gave it to me when it first popped

Funny that you tagged me in that. As far as I am aware I was the first to figure it out and share online. This weekend i am going to test it again with updated drivers and a newer proton and see how it runs


Heck yeah BootLoxes! :smile:

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