Linux port for overwatch

it wont be future if company dont give damn chance vualk api will happen that

How many games even uses vulkan? I can count them on the fingers of my hand.

im not to sure but it is kind new api

Yeah but doesn’t seems to be much interest for it from developers and it has been around for more than 2 years already.

This many It may be outdated.

Hey there! While many of us on the development team love Linux we are not currently looking at adding native support.

Dealing with the code changes required to support another platform is one challenge. Outside of the Overwatch code itself we would have to work with internal and external teams to update libraries we depend on. Tools like the desktop client would also require changes.

On top of all of the above we’d have to split our QA time to make sure we put the same level of quality and polish into the Linux version as we do for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one… and this has to happen for every patch we put out.

We learned with death match to never say never, but for right now native Linux support isn’t a focus for the team.



so does this mean this game isn’t coming to my casio


Are Bastion buffs Linux based too?


No they need to release the game on TI-83 before they can put their attention towards a casio port, obviously.


I trust this is a similar reason for Apple Macintosh operating systems?


Valve is making slow but steady progress in making Linux more user friendly for games.

But it’s still not quite there yet though IMO as you still need to use the terminal for far too many things that should really have a GUI by now.

Hopefully in 10 years things will be different.

i hope some day we can see it becaeu people love overwatch would love be played ever where Vulkan api would be able to cross platform but i hope we will see some day

Bill, thank you for the response. There are many of us who play the game on linux and the community has improved quite a lot. I know managing another version of the game would be hard. However could we get an answer as to whether or not playing on linux is bannable or not? I remember a wave of bans hit not too long ago. I just want to be safe is all.

Here you go BootLoxes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the response. Was wondering the same for myself.

This quote is going places.


The C# key would be too OP. Needs Nerf.

But running Overwatch with emulator layers (like Wine, PlayOnLinux, Lutris) is bannable? Because i would like to play Overwatch on Linux, and start to ditch Windows

look a few posts up my dude. its not bannable

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I hope so, i kinda fear the ban.
BTW should i use Debian or CentOS? I plan to use MaXX Desktop (IRIX Desktop Environment recreation) or Window Maker (NeXTstep Environment) anyway