I got Overwatch working on Linux with Steam Proton

Ok so as you know there are about 3 of us in the world wanting to play overwatch using Linux instead of windows. For a while now we have been using lutris builds as that gave the best performance. Well after some trial and error I figured out how to get it working with Steam Proton.

For those who dont know, Proton is by valve and it is their attempt to make windows games work on linux via the steam client. Proton is evolving rapidly and has reached a point where a majority of games are now working on linux.

Well after searching about overwatch proton everyone kept saying “just use lutris.” But I wanted to see if there was a difference and boy is there.

Using proton results in a higher frame rate and way less stuttering. For the first time, I can say I would feel ok with playing competitive on linux. This is so huge my dudes!


Fantastic news! You should post a HOWTO for this. Makes me want to attempt this on my own (before reading your howto) since I’ve long done virtualization for gaming on Linux and this seems awesome.


I tried to but the forums said i cant post links >_<

That said I have posted the how to on reddits OW, linux gaming reddit, gamefaq pc board, and the ow gamefaq pc board. It is actually really easy to do once you setup the lutris build first.

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Quick rundown, any framerate issues (esp. on high resolutions/high refresh monitors)? AMD or NVDIA gfx and if Nvidia nouveau or “real” drivers (I cry every time I get a kernel stack dump from nouveau)?

I’ll check the posts you’ve made elsewhere soon! :smile:

Made a how-to video

I use a 240hz monitor and it works fine. Now the FPS on linux IS lower than windows native. However I had no real issues with it being around 144fps or above. So people with 144hz monitors should have no issues. Me on the other hand… I need to work on squeezing more performance out to better take advantage of my monitor

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I saw that TF3 comment >_>