Can we get a dev Q&A for the official forums?

I also would like to be able to ask some questions.


I wouldn’t even subject my worst enemy to something so cruel.


They can ignore rude/troll questions.

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Forum Q&A would be pretty much “first come first serve.” On Reddit, posts are sorted by the most upvoted.

One of the first responses might be “Cool but no Brig buffs” lol


Not sure why we couldn’t do that here as well.

LOL its so hard update forum XDXDXDXD Better go reddit with echo chamberXDXDXD

And you probably haven’t been on reddit, because there is no less stupidity, and even vice versa)

Read this

Posted my changes for reaper. Just for test in experimental card. -60 karma, cant new posts, 99% comments reaper is fine and dont need buffs

Only on forum people can troll!! on reddit 0 trolls!

I’m on reddit more than I’m on here chile… :woozy_face:

If you got downvoted into oblivion, it’s for a reason. I had a quick look at the replies and people even debunked a lot of your claims. He has his niche, but he’s still picked even in OWL.

People didn’t like my changes for testing.

The fact that they have reasons for this does not mean ANYTHING at all.

Did I break something? Not. Then why can’t I post new posts? XD.

Jeff talked about echo chambers.

THIS IS THE SAME :slight_smile:
you are an ardent representative of the echo camera

Try read comments on my thread before talking like this.

Just imagine that for your comment it would be dislike for you and you could no longer post new comments.

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same question pop up over and over again

  • anything about symmetra

Why? It’s not like they truly listen to forum suggestions when it comes to update their game anyway.

They can do what dead by daylight forums do and have a sub forum for q&a questions and the most upvoted ones are asked/answered

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants

If the forums hit a milestone in posters I guess…

Also, we already know that half of those questions will be Sym, Genji, Moira and Brig whining lmfao

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In the last few times whenever Jeff Kaplan makes a post for a paticular subject, he often sticks around and answers multiple questions for that subject.

As a reminder, and forgive me as I am still catching it up, a majority of developer responses are tracked here:

What a Q&A on the official forums would look like as soon as Jeff said anything remotely against supports:

That’s probably why it’s not been a thing.

I think a Q&A here on the forum, they should just handpick hot topic questions and get back to us with some answers they’re willing to give, if we let it go live it would be a trash fest with questions of no substance especially off the heels of the blizzard fiasco news still being a warm body - just my take.

A reddit echo chamber - DO YOU REALIZE WHERE YOU ARE?
Even here, I went and read what you proposed - and I hate it. And you’re here, on the forums.

I interpret that you basically got upset that your idea got downvoted so you overlook the forums obvious problem with being an echo chamber and instead point the finger at reddit.

Maybe if your idea is bad, the downvotes were deserved, because that’s what we do with bad ideas. Shadow step does not need less cast time, that was fixed with the previous changes, and the fact it floats you midair it’s a buffer to not get booped to environment and can also help you dip off high ground to bait or just use the cover it would provide but get straight back up or teleport to a more defensable location if your team split etc.

For your shadow step woes, just use the ability in tandem with your brain and the value increases a lot. Also if you are worried about dying when shadow stepping, the idea is not to teleport into a stupid spot - the reason it should not have invuln on the second portion which you could since you regain control instantly go into wraith form (MORE INVULN) and that could be the EASIEST WAY TO MAKE TANKS QUIT, or really anyone as he would have ZERO ISSUE CLOSING THE RANGE, he could jsut start popping shots and wraith bait some CC and chain that into death blossom, as a fully hero based play it would take almost no effort to pull off consistently. You can’t give reaper free reign to have unpunishable A-B movement.

40% lifesteal if ult is charged? Hows about NOOO.
50% lifesteal on ult cast? mmm - not helpful at all. If he actually gets good, it’s just one shots like it was before the vamp nerf - your healing wont matter at all to the heroes who already don’t care about it and all the ones thatit will matter to will NOT BE AROUND because you’ve replaced it with CC and burst to snub reapers effects, so… ultimately useless change, it’s already good against what it’s meant to be good against, and still bad vs what this change would not help fix. If you really wanted to buff reapers ultimate, I’d give it damage reduction, so his lifesteal actually matters during the ult - but I still think reaper is FINE AS IS.
Cancelling ult with wraith form would be nice, but his ults abit too good to make it less punishable like that, when reaper ults, the cost is 100% ult charge and commitment, which means use your teams resources, call for a bubble or matrix or something, or just capitalize on the middle of a fight.

But for real - this talk about reddit being an echo chamber, you are only calling it that because you’re upset your views weren’t valued there - and that’s because they are GENUINELY HORRIBLE IDEAS - but you spaz out at someone mentioning reddit - and act like this is a better place. You are enraged that people dare not say yes your idea is good? That’s weird. It’s an absurdly obvious cognitive bias, bad experience therefore everything bad - overwatch forum hasn’t downvoted me yet so overwatch forum obviously not echo chamber because IT REAFFIRMS MY EXISTING BELIEFS and the other did not therefore it sucks and IS an echo chamber. That is very broken logic and honestly I find it hard to believe you actually believe what you said, honestly… just accept that heaps of people think they have the silver bullet, including you, and many of those people get it wrong, the consensus of people is how you break your own bubble - you can either try figure it out properly and understand why people think your ideas are catastrophically bad - or you can stay ignorant as a narcissist and hopefully we wont have to hear it again but we probably will because that is how narcissists operate. They keep screaming they’re right till no one listens, and like that, on a larger scale, is pretty much this forum. If you want truly competitive discussion, rank up. There is NO FORUM FOR IT. About the closest thing will be the professionals overwatch discord which is a closed group I believe. Most rational discussion left the forums on the heels of the forever mercy meta, and this forum turns into the worst of both sides bleating at eachother, and to this day, they’re still not tired of it.

I don’t think it can be said nicer - and I mean it from a good place in hoping you can overcome that, maybe I should’ve not said it but I think you need it. Living in a bubble is infuriating when you start to understand things are not as they told you they are, if you plan on sticking around in overwatch, you’ll probably figure out what I mean.
In other news, this all sounds very jaded - my apologies, but I truly do tire of the crap the internet has to offer watching people draw lines on “I feel” over “The facts are”.

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I no care and will no read what you post.
Have a nice day

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I’ll tell you a secret, I used to answer any questions and statements I could argue for hours.

Since then I have grown wiser.

Your reaper changes suggest you think you have grown wiser - not actually grown wiser. Would you like it if I only posted the parts about the reaper changes as a direct response of JUST that to explain where you went wrong and what you do not consider when you propose such changes?

I mean, if you truly wish not to argue on it why propose anything in the first place?

And here you are wrong.

Talking is awesome! But I always look at the arguments, and most importantly, the logical chain in them. And if I see HUGE problems with the logical chain - well, as you have above, then I think 10 times before answering.

Anyway, under that post, I answered everyone on reddit.

Unfortunately, none of them understood anything.

Well, okay, if I still decide to answer something wrong, then first of all I do it not for the interlocutor, but for other people who have not yet decided for themselves completely and are trying to figure it out.