Can we get a dev Q&A for the official forums?

What made you unable to participate over there, exactly?

Perhaps I will only answer one blatant lie.
I don’t like it when people lie about me

Reddit is not an echo chamber because I got -60 karma and a lot of negative reviews. Not.

It is an echo chamber, because for my IDEAS for TESTING in a SPECIAL MODE, I received a BAN ON POSTING PUBLICATIONS, while NOT VIOLATING ANYTHING.
And the moderators do not see this as a problem.

This is the main feature of the echo chamber - you separate yourself from ANY source that AT LEAST you do not like. You create a “closed club”. This is also called safe space.
Even if you might like other ideas… didn’t like one? that’s it, you don’t want to see this person anymore

And okay, when one person just adds you to ignore. But when, because of a small group of people, YOU ARE DEFINED OF ACCESS TO A HUGE COMMUNITY, which, in general, does not mind seeing you … this raises questions

I remind you once again that this answer is not so much for you as for those who look at it from the outside and think that you are good and right, but oktriz is just bad

I hope this has explained something to you and you will write to me more. Have a nice day

Overwatch subreddit is nothing more than a circle jerk of bad art and cringy clips that get upvoted just for the hell of it.

As much as I hate reddit, the layout of the topics provides for a much better place to have a Q&A. It’s why so many A-Z list celebrities hold theirs on there rather than on a place like twitter.

Your reaper changes were more than fine, and people responding he’s low skill similar to Moira/anti-tank/in an ok spot, doesn’t need buffs for the health of the game are delusional and i hope they don’t get to say much about game changes just because they use reddit instead of the official forums…
What does -60 karma means? Is that a number after they downvoted your replies? and because of that you can’t make new topics anymore?

So your karma hit below zero? Thats a counter measure for trolls to make sure they can’t just trashpost subs.

The thing is that’s not a ban. That’s you generally being disagreeable therefore the system stops you from CREATING NEW TOPICS, but you can still comment, even if just being positive you can regain the karma, and your able to be an OP again. It’s not a perfect system, but the downvote feature does offer a complete solution vs this forum, which only deals in likes and does not gauge the opposition to an idea which is equally as important as support, and that has been the largest tool in creating the forums descent to being an echo chamber.

So am I right that it’s just negative karma?
The mods shouldn’t be alarmed when the system does what it was meant to do… Unless you actually caught a ban in which, I wouldn’t quite understand as I read the post and it seemed relatively tame, I haven’t checked comments so you’d know if you did something and I’m just gunna trust that you didn’t.

Not sure that if people don’t like your ideas, that the system has to make the other things you have to say visible. If people like what you say and agree, you’ll be fine. If they don’t the system just sorts you out of everyone elses browsing because it assumes you don’t have anything people want to read. It’s a good assumption.

If someone was already unconfident you had much worth listening to, they would simply not read what more you had to say because some people don’t agree and thats ok. Doesn’t give you a right to a slot.

But I can’t really say anything else unless you actually confirm it was a ban from every kind of posting further than just being original poster of a thread. Posting publications is an odd way of putting it, as it could mean both or just one without actually being a ban.

I’d like it, but I can’t see it happening because the devs don’t like us very much over here…

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I can’t imagine why they would not like us - could it be the DEGENERACY?!

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Create a thread with your questions. If they don’t respond…

Honestly I think the Forum community is better than Reddit, but I think I’m in the minority with that. Generally different types of people visit each.


For r/overwatch need more then 1 karma. Idk how much more. But you need find karma on another reddits.

For r/competitivewatch you need karma more then 0? or maybe -10. Idk. But i got -60 and now i cant new posts. Just beacuse people dont like my idea FOR TEST. FOR TEST. FOR TEST. DONT LIKE = GO AWAY FROM OUR REDDIT

Karma is formed from like and dislike.

Some Vasya gave you a dislike (let there be 10 of them) on a new account and they block your access to a part of reddit. XD

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So you can’t make OP but can you still reply in discussions even if your karma is low now? Just reply and get some upvotes and it might go up
It’s funny people say he is in a good spot and doesn’t need buffs because he would destroy the low ranks and he has to be niche
Reaper, Mei, Sombra, Echo are all in bad spot atm and need nerf reverts / buffs

Are you srsly think take 60 karma its ez? Also if i take my karma back and create new post like junkrat changes for test.

100% will got again -60 karma back. XD

Its echo chamber. You cant survive here if people dont like you

If I create a post with nerf genji I’m sure he will gain me a lot of karma. well, or at least not lower it below

Why would I even stew in such a community? on the forum I have the right to vote. Dissatisfaction with me still does not deprive me of my voice, everything is regulated by the rules (rather abstract) or, to be more precise, by moderators (with a rather subjective opinion without the possibility of appeal)

But even this is better than automatic blocking by the number of dislikes without the possibility of appeal, even IN THEORY

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I find the forum has an issue with no downvote button, people will drop a like but they often wont come to commentbecause that’s an investment of time, so support gets gauged in one direction only - the only reason I stay here is because there are a few gems around, and there is some legitimately intelligent discussion in long form here, even if it’s hard to find.

Reddit is also not perfect, but it seems to be a refuge for more competitively charged players which comes with a more correct take on balance more often - but also people are en masse very stupid, so the downvote/upvote function doesn’t always get used for what is right or wrong, and kills/promotes some good or bad conversations that miss the mark on objective reality - usually the twitchy crowd who’ve let their awe for the streamer form their mind (Sheeple)

both aren’t perfect - but if you can take one thing away from this, yer great :3 One of the intelligent gems aformentioned :wink:

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If Jeff is too scared of the forums then just make a large Q&A post (which I doubt he will see anyway) and have the most popular questions taken from that post, given to whatever community manager we actually have on the forums to submit the answers and have the same community manager take the replies and post them in a locked thread so any replies will be separate threads and can be easily ignored.

Reddit popularity>forum.

NO ANOTHER REASONS. just trust me. He talking about echo chambers players and this is problem for him… when reddit autoban new posts if people just dislike you more then like.XDXDXDXD

when he have forum without echo chamber when he can ez update forum how he need XDXD