Buff Shield Bash + Add Brigitte Skill

Actually this is a great suggestion, I’m all in! :smile:
Also I don’t think changing repair pack to 5s would be too powerful, whenever I play brig I just stare at the person at crit waiting for repair to finish too often, this would help a lot.

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He/she never said that, lol?


at least you came out. we are all very proud of you

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But then you need to increase the size of the whipshot projectile and maybe cut the animation in half, so you can still reliably hit Genjis and Tracers.

I also disagree that boops don’t stop Genji/Tracer. Boops are one of the best counters to them…

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Same here. I understand that it is a very strong ability but I think the cooldown is just 1 second too long, especially since Brigitte is still at the core, a healer.

I think this would be a fair compromise. The casting time of Whip Shot is actually pretty low. And you would want it to become a very snappy shot so you can still deal with Tracer and Genji

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This is actually a great idea lol

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1 whip shot is more unforgiving than hook and hook can’t even hit highly mobile characters currently it will maybe hit slow characters 2 melee goes through shields unless blizzard decides to overhaul the entire way melee and shields work 3 if it had decay what would you even use her ult for since it would be a way less useful Lucio ult

Yeah! This is one of the best suggestions I’ve seen on Brigitte. Would be much more fun and have more room for counterplay this way.

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If you make flanker counter like Brigitte take skill, how will one be able to counter flankers with Brigitte?

So brigitte should have a 15M stun ?

Also ,as much as I hate her this’ll make it so that it’s nigh impossible to do her job of countering dive.


blizzard won’t do this
Shield Bash was meant to be an enforcers tool against the dive DPS like Tracer and Genji. anything resembling a skillshot will not work, clearly since McCree and Ana aren’t considered counters with their given disables that aren’t easy to land

argue whether this is right or not this is blizzard’s desire for the hero, as an enforcer against flankers and a small but noticeable presence during the fight itself

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Yea because Sleep Dart is only 15 meters too. Didn’t you know?

if this goes through does it mean that I actually have to put effort into playing her now

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Not to nitpick but rein doesn’t have a shield he has an energy barrier,I assume this is why they let melee attacks go through it and shield bash (which should be energy barrier bash lol) is technically a melee attack.

Now as to why zarya’s energy barriers do block melee attacks…hmmm

ah too much thinking, brain hurts

Sleepdart isn’t on a 6 second cooldown ,and it’s harder to land.

Yea well Sleep Dart puts you to sleep for 6 seconds, so it should be harder to land.

Whip Shot only stuns you for 1 second.

I repeat , a 15M stun that is hard to land is opaf against slow and big targets and useless against high mobility targets (the ones she’s meant to counter)

I hate shield bash as much as the next guy ,but this is a terrible idea for brig.


This is true. Without the shield bash at 5s her whole kit doesn’t work. Seriously what can she do if the SB is 8s like the community wants? the answer is nothing. Even pushing it to 6s will make her far less effective. She needs a fast CD in order to keep her alive in a brawl.

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I disagree completely.

Brigitte needs at least 1 weakness