Bring pink mercy back to 15 $ and i dont need nothing

I don’t own every limited time skin either, but I know what limited time offer means. It’s on me for not having it.

I’m not going to bombard the forum of other games I started late to demand skins I never got, because I joined afterwards.

At a certain point it sounds like entitlement.


Firstly, I think the pink skin is one of Mercy’s ugliest skins and so I have little motivation to get it or use it. So I’m not personally bias on that front.

The door swings both ways on this. I think at a certain point it sounds like entitlement from the people who have a problem with other people having a skin. Like, what’s the big deal? It’s potentially more money for a charity and enjoyment for a player with the downside of… what??

“Exclusivity”??? :rofl:

I have never once looked on in dribbling envy at another persons skin. There are a maximum of two Mercys in a match. You and potentially your opponents Mercy. Do you really give a :banana: if the other Mercy also has the pink skin? If you do, then from my perspective that’s just kind of pathetic. :yum:

I have the All-Stars Mercy skin which is imo one of her best looking skins. I use it because it looks good. I’ve got zero problem with another player having that skin. In fact I’m happy for them.

On top of all this there’s that capitalism thing that can be used to save lives and whatnot. My therapist claims that human lives are one of the most valuable things in this world so I presume that lives outweigh this weird desire of people to be “exclusive”…

I guess having breast cancer makes you pretty exclusive… :thinking:


It should only comr back if it’s for a charity event

From what I can tell, not everyone has a problem with it coming back. Me included, but it should be fair that it comes along with the same charity event for the same price. Not for free in a lootbox, and definitely not cheaper than originally.

OP doesn’t even care about the charity, which in itself is a poor reason to bring it back.


No one’s donating to BCRF just because. But if they rerelease the Pink Mercy Skin and send the proceeds back to BCRF, they’ll be able to donate a ton of money (maybe even more than the original) with very little effort.

TBH, gating the best skins behind time limits seems to be unnecessarily limiting. Just having them available for a limited time each year, like all the lootbox/credit available skins would be acceptable to most - even a price hike mechanism after the initial release would do as much to spur initial sales.

As an owner of the Brig GOAT skin - the best skin in the game next to Pink Mercy… it wouldn’t hurt to see more players use her eventually.

Certainly, one could make the argument that having a recurring donation to these charities is more helpful than a one off!


Pink mercy is not the best skin in game. Its the most meaningful. But thats opinion

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Demon hunter sombra was exclusive but blizz was kinda forced to release it anyway.

One of the worst examples you could give is demon hunter. Lmao.

Dude, it was said to come back, not forced, no other skin is coming back. Dont really know why it’s so hard to understand about that.


OR lets bring back a charity event with a brand new skin attached to it instead of an old one, thanks.


If they bring it back, it should be for charity purposes only. And they should definitely look into other charity-based skins as well. In the meantime, one is always welcomed to simply donate as that is the purpose behind the charity-based skin to begin with - - to help people suffering from breast cancer, not so you can feel all pretty in pink or whatever.


I think Ryan Gosling mains genji.

They would have to partner with the same charity organization.

We didn’t just pay them, we donated to charity and got it as a “thank you for donating” gift.

So you would only donate if you got a reward.

first of all “I don’t know care”, idk means I don’t know.
second of all, it’s charity.

Are devs unfair to new players because they can’t get top 500 season 2, when they are platinum in season 21?
Pink Mercy is not even the greatest skin. I don’t even use it, and I’m proud that I donated.

It’s not. I use other skins than that for Mercy.

If it does come back, it probably should be “donate 15 dollars for this new skin, but if you go the extra mile and donate 30, you get the previous charity skin as well”.

It’s freaking cancer. the way that “the free market” would have solved it, would be human experimentation.

because these things can cause major damage! Have you not heard of Thalidomide? this medicine was sold as something to help morning sickness in pregnant women, but due to lack of testing, thousands of babies were born with defects!


And some of the survivors today still suffer from the results. Many born without limbs. Very sad because of negligence and indifference.

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Also you:


It’s really grinding on my gears how many people are saying it ain’t coming back so I’m posting it here for those who didn’t see it: pink mercy skin seems to be coming back on this anniversary as the first mythic skin. Go look it up if you don’t believe me, it was accidentally leaked on the Brazilian twitter or something and people took pictures of it.

Yet its weird its the only blizzcon skin not exclusive.

It was an exclusive skin,
If you were here for it and missed it that’s on you.
If you weren’t playing yet that’s also on you.

It was a charity event and it’s over, just be ready with your wallet for when exclusive skins come out


You blew my cover, you fool, now the world is at stake, do you know what you’ve just done?

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I’m so sorry I didnt know, I’ll edit the comment to something that makes no sense so this exchange is masked!

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It is impossible to reverse, all you can do is buck up and help me fight this lovecraftian Horror that plays Bobby Caldwell