Bring pink mercy back to 15 $ and i dont need nothing

I started playing at the end of 2018 too, but I wouldnt buy this skin.

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Ah i see.


You’re a great person for wanting a skin and not for wanting to help out the charity.

You don’t wish to bring good arguments to the table, troll post.


As someone with the pink Mercy skin, y’all are seriously insecure about them rereleasing it. Stop trying to take the moral high ground, they would make a lot of money for charity if they released it again.


why its so perfect
you should buy it

I absoultely agree with you and same I have 1100 lvl and 30k money just like you saved(although I have it,if i wouldn’t have had it i would’ve been sad my whole life :c ).
EDIT: Although I don’t think it should come back since it was for a special-limited cause,they should do another skin for another cause.

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ik this is why i wnat it


They raised around 12.7 Million USD, i think it would be a smarter idea to create another skin for another charity.


Something tells me judging by the post you think the Pink Mercy skin is the main product, while the donation to something helpful is an afterthought

So? Charity has negative social consequences, I would much prefer the money I spent on the skin went to Activision Blizzard, who were responsible for employing the artists who created the skin and for publishing the platform through which it has value, then for it to go towards fighting some disease that the free market would’ve solved ages ago if not for regulations

Wait… what regulations?

The FDA or your country’s equivalent. You can’t just create medicine, test it on humans, and sell it on the market without stepping through some red tape

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why don’t you just buy an account that has it i’m sure like always there’s alot of accounts for sale

though i’m pretty sure having that one skin jacks the price up


i have friend’s acc with it but i want it on my acc

you missed it it wont happen
Like i said buy an account that has it


You dont Need to buy it. There are enough Mercy, who shot you with this Skin. :slight_smile: So you see it enough. hehe


You mean proper testing? Well that’s more so that what you release doesn’t do more harm than good, kinda don’t want people dying all over the place, otherwise why bother making a cure

I mean… the skin was made for charity, if the designers just made a legacy skin and sold it for $15 ($20 AUD in the sticks) then I do agree, the outcome would’ve been much the same, minus the feel good moment of donation. One more thing to add, if it wasn’t based off the charity the skin would’ve been different, for better or for worse

Not gonna lie it’s actually kinda fun debating, haven’t done it in a while

tbh I was just trying to act as ridiculous as possible to see how you’d respond. Would keep it up longer but I’m too tired


Y’know, that’s fair enough, the bait was tasty though, have a good rest


Wasn’t it leaked that Pinky will come with this aniversary? Or it was debunked?

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But Blizzard try to send another message. :slight_smile: