Bring pink mercy back to 15 $ and i dont need nothing

blizzard, it’s been 2 years since pink mercy was out and who wasn’t got overwatch in pink mercy event, hoping for this skin to come back so bad and I’m one of them.
I start to play on 30 to October 2018 (5 months after pink mercy event) and I think this skin should come back but you still need to pay to get it and you don’t need to use credits to get it, someone said to me they want to bring it back for 10k credits and I think its no fair bcs someone paid 15$ 2 years ago, and as level 1000 i know how easiar is it to get 10k credits (i have 30k lol). so pls bring pink mercy for money and lets donate more money to bcrf :heartbeat: #bring_back_pink_mercy


Seems unlikely.
The skin was launched for a charity, so launching this unique skin for credits also seems unfair.

I recall they said it was going to be a one time thing, thoug i don’t remember.

If at all people want to donate money, they can do so without a reward.
I understand you want the skin, but i think that’s really unlikely.


Personally, I feel they should just do a yearly charity event and during that event all previous charity skins come back but the profits are just attributed to whatever charity they currently have going on.


Something tells me judging by the post you think the Pink Mercy skin is the main product, while the donation to something helpful is an afterthought


the guys that have pink mercy thinks they are the only ones then can be happy with her pink mercy skin and then arent thinks about the new players

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Exclusive. Skins. Aint. Coming. Back.

How hard it is to understand? There’s no need to make another thread about it either when there’s plenty of same topics existing already on the forums… Geez.

Editing also this, you can go donate for a good cause all you want, you dont need a bloody skin for an reward for doing so.


It’s a limited skin they gained from that time.

Because there are new players they instantly deserve it?

New Charity Skin: Pink Mercy

As a brilliant scientist and the guardian angel of Overwatch, Dr. Angela Ziegler—codename Mercy—has dedicated her life to helping and healing others. Now you can help the Breast Cancer Research Foundation work toward a cure for breast cancer by purchasing the new PINK MERCY skin, available for a limited time on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% the proceeds that it receives from all Pink Mercy skin sales to BCRF, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000 (USD). Blizzard Entertainment will disclose the total amount of its donation following the end of the campaign.

Log in to Overwatch any time between May 8 and May 21 and unlock a BCRF-themed player icon!

Blizzard is known to not usually go back on their word.


i think its stupid why they arent doing it when you donate to bcrf why you arent automaticly get it?

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OW and the charity aren’t partnered.

Only if you bought the skin via Overwatch it would go to the charity.

You want to donate? Go ahead, what will you lose?


No limited skin will ever come back :woman_shrugging:
Mercys getting a new skin next week though.


i dont want to pay money for nothing

Then you’re not donating for the charity?

Practially buying a product for your selfish needs, that’s not helping a good cause.

The money raised luckily goes to the charity, but that doesn’t matter
You donate for nothing? False, you’re helping people with it


ik she is going to get dragoon skin but i still want pink mercy

i would be all in for them releasing it again (i got it myself). but there might be a problem: they advertised it as „special and limited only“ so there is a really small chance it ever coming back im afraid. „limited“ stuff just sells better, because people have an urge to buy it in case they would regret it on a later time… it‘s a bad business but a business nontheless


idk care about the charity i want to blizzard to be fair with the new players

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How is it unfair to new players?

Oh i just bought this game!
Sees a player with an exclusive item
Yep developers are unfair for making that game limited because now i can’t get it!

This is bended logic.


ive got the atlantic mercy skin and i think its should come back too

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Lowkey, you can get around that by just making a different version with a unique color palette. They would not do that for Pink Mercy for obvious reasons, but I think people are sleeping on the prospect of that for all stars. Companies be greedy, bruh.


you are thinking only about yourself and not about others

" A limited - time offer is any kind of discount, deal, special gift, or reward a buyer can get if they make a purchase from you during a certain time period . Retailers use limited - time offer ads all the time to get people to buy their products"

How about you go complain to every game company offering limited time offers because the players can’t always get it?

Can’t you grasp the concept of “Limited time”?