Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

that said, I have seen accounts that have this skin advertised for sale in the hundreds of dollars

so it would be indeed be helpful to have the skin return to eliminate this sort of scalping

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I for one would love to see this skin return!

Hopefully they bring it back in October during the awareness month…



I would like it to return every October as well, Hulk

One thing I wanted to ask you, since you monitor the whole Microsoft acquisition deal closely - I think Microsoft taking over will create an opportunity for Pink Mercy to return, so hows the chances of the acquisition going through looking at the moment?


You guys are weridos to keep necroing threads like this.

Pick Mercy was for a specific cause (and if you care to look it up, one of the most over funded cancer causes).

Sorry you can’t be Pink Mercy, it’s really time to move on.


There is no need to make personal derogatory remarks here. Please return to topic

there’s been no necroing in this thread whatsoever

again, I ask for return to topic

that cause - the need to find a cure for cancer - still exists

the fight goes on, and ergo the need for funding said fight has not ended


Has the cure for cancer been found?

Last I checked, we are still looking for a cure

quite the opposite, actually

threads like this one help keep the decision makers aware that there is still a strong demand for this skin out there, even years after the original offering


all that said…if a forum member does not find this topic to be to their liking, one can simply ignore it. One does not have to interject personal derogatory remarks, or imply that the thread is violating forum rules, or imply that there is no need for the topic to exist.


there was 26 million people who logged onto ow2 though when it first dropped right

another one of theses posts…how many times have they said they’re not bringing it back?


I ask that we return to topic

they’ve said that zero times



not true. They’ve clearly stated they aren’t bringing it back. Tweets and replies on the forum.

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except they haven’t, actually

they have indeed made a statement about it, but that statement isnt what is being claimed here


There ya go.

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People are still allowed to ask for it, even if the devs have said no and you find it annoying that people keep asking.

I find it weird that the vibe in half these threads is just :poop: ing on people who want the skin and treating them like annoyances because of it. Yet if anyone should be donating profits to charity and using their popular franchise, existing work and popularity as a company to get money, it should be blizz.

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I am well aware of this statement, and indeed, this is the statement that they have made

it does not have the meaning that it is claimed to have in the earlier post

what was claimed earlier and what this statement actually says are two different things

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I am still of the belief that the chances of Pink Mercy returning if Microsoft takes over are very high, much higher than they are right now


If Microsoft buys them, I feel like they would have a much better opportunity to do more charity events.

Most people don’t want to touch ABK given their horrific leadership and lawsuits. They’d be more inclined to partner with Microsoft than they would ABK.

Also, anything to get Bobby out is welcome. :triumph:

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Yeah, let’s get a Pink Reaper skin instead.

Give the man a frilly maid costume for cancer!!

As Phoebe Buffay once sayed you help other people becouze you are selfish and you do that just to feel better about yourself.

And I agree with your point od view.

But on the other side how to encourage people to charity and helping? Simple → reward them.