Bring back 60HP

Its extremely low impact. It was already tested and showed no impact on a fight whatsoever over the course of 300 games. Actually, Mercy won more teamfights when she didnt use Valkyrie, and this was all before her healing was nerfed.


Any links to this data?


personally, id say its low impact because the only one who actually benefits from it is mercy. she gains flight, and chain beams. which only makes her job easier, not her impact much greater. for chain heal to work, team mates have to be clumped up, which is risky cus of things like anti nade, grav, dragonblade, etc.
its a little like soldiers ult. a really good mercy will not really make much improvement during valk. its just easy mode for 20 seconds.

When in a team fight and you pop Valk, it should have a fighting chance to keep your team alive to hopefully turn the tide to your favor. But it doesn’t, instead your team gets nuked and your feeling helpless because your not putting out enough to healing to even get that chance to win that team fight.

What is the difference?? dead mercy or mercy that used Valkyrie to save herself, isn’t killing support is impactful? ult that negate it is also impactful.

I was reading this earlier on in the day. It’s pretty useful:


Mercy shouldn’t be selfish and fly away. She be in the battle with her teammates keeping them alive. If valk is only meant for her to retreat to let her team die then what’s to say that history is going to repeat itself again. If I see my friend who plays tank slowly die and I pop valk and it’s not doing enough healing, he tells me to escape and just to let him die, as have other comp matches ive played with other players. That’s not healthy being told Run away and don’t bother.


Potentially 5x her already stellar healing is very low impact not to mention flight combined with guardian angel for massive mobility. /s

Low impact ults: Meteror Strike, Barrage, Death Blossom, Whole Hog, etc. Valkyrie isn’t top tier but it’s certainly par at least.

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I’m searching for this information “It was already tested and showed no impact on a fight whatsoever over the course of 300 games.” and can’t find it help

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Mercy feels bad to play currently.

I switched to Ana because at least she can burst heal multiple people off cool-down and can survive a direct assault via Sleep Dart.

Mercy is meh.


healing was part of the problem. Mercy was healing for significantly more than any other healer (barring Moira who was almost equal) and for a healer who is focused on single target healing, that should not be happening. her healing is more in line now with what it should be. the problem, and the reason I don’t play her anymore, is that she’s boring. she requires no thought at all to play effectively.

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I would’ve made a thread about this instead but people tend to say that it’s too subjective so I ended up making this thread.

Sorry, had to go look for it. I believe thats it.


Mercy requires more than just hold LMB or Right Trigger. You have to plan every move 2 to 3 steps ahead of everyone, you have to know where to position yourself, plan a fallback, you have to know who to focus healing on all the while keeping your eye not only on your health but all other teammates health as well.

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Old Mercy required these as well. The only difference being that mass Resurrect actually required more thinking than Valkyrie which is pretty hard to screw up now.

Healing in this game has creeper way too much. A tank being attacked shouldn’t survive. I’m glad the healing creep has been stopped, now we won’t have a damage creep dps other than snipers are able to have an impact.

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Ah, thought you were talking about genpop Comp :joy: While OWL is a different ship than the game we all play entirely, this data is still interesting and useful to determine Valks overall usefulness in a genpop Comp environment. Very well. :+1:


i left healing behind, it just isn’t fun unless you run a dps moira.

I don’t tank either. i just play dps to the best of my ability. 5 dps and 1 tank, awesome.

I think the nerf to her heal rate is a lazy fix. However the nerf is in the right direction. The problem with Mercy wasn’t always res solely. It was the fact that she could do her job better than other healers, and had access to one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Both of these aspects together is what makes her so powerful.

Every other healer (except Zenyatta) has to keep shielding in mind when healing teammates.

With that said I don’t agree with the HP rate being nerfed to 50. I think they should’ve tried other, more dynamic ways to nerf her, but allow her to still reach the potential that most Mercy’s are used to. One idea in mind is for her healing beam to ramp up the more HP she’s healing. You can either do this by following the Symmetra style, or the Zarya charge style, or even give her a resource meter she fills and then expends when she wants to critically heal someone.

These are just some ideas off the top of my head that would make Mercy more dynamic rather than just flat nerfing her heal rate.

EDIT: I believe Zenyatta’s transcendence is also blocked by shields as well. I could be wrong.

It’s really not impossible. Her healing is fine. I’d just like a small buff to ult gain. Valkyrie takes forever to get now. I can easily have 3 Moira ults in the time it takes to get one valkyrie.