Brigitte on Release day... Are you that guy? 🛡

Every time I go into a game, I normally end up playing a tank or healer because most players rather practice or play a damage role even if the team has 5 of them already. I have even seen accounts that have never even touched either role. I sometimes find myself having to chose between being a solo tank with no healer or a solo healer with no tank. :man_facepalming: So I suck it up and take one for the team.

But Brigitte will be released soon on the main servers. Are you that person who expects everyone to play Tank or Healer 24/7 while you play a damage class but then will be Instant locking Brigitte on Release day just to see how much you can turn her into a Damage Moira wannbe?

Please. You assume everyone else must build around you all the time. Let those who play frontline / support, play Brigitte.

Thank you


My games are the same - no one picks tank or a healer ( If they do it’s always DPS Moira). I’m tired of always playing support or tank, I want to play DPS sometimes - but when it happens no one chooses either tanks or supports => and of course we loose. The Devs should think about adding a role queue because i’m tired of having 5 dps mains on my team.


I totally get that feeling. It’s now common for me to not play the hero I actually wanted to play just so I can make sure our team is balanced, I’ve had many teams that went quad tank and the last dps, so to ensure our team has even the tiniest chance against the enemy, I switch to a healer.

I feel like the majority of the people I’ve played with have no idea on what a balanced team looks like, always insta locking Widow, Genji, Hanzo and Tracer, it’s frustrating because I have to constantly nag people that our situation isn’t going to work and when we do lose, apparently everyone is at fault except them.

Not sure if this is just because of my rank (High plat 2831) because people have said that it’s where most smurfs are, or it’s just how comp is in general.

And yes, don’t get me started on the practicing, if people want to practice new heroes why not go to qp, arcade, or vs AI? You’re affecting other people’s ranks because you don’t know how to work a certain hero.


I’ve seen so many ana Brigitte combos on the ptr that only deal damage…cri every time


I will instalock her and get five golds, thank you very much!


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Also, PSA:

Brigitte does NOT have solo-tanking or solo-healing capabilities.

Do NOT think she can fill either one of those roles effectively by herself!


Nonsense. If Moira can fill the roll of a Damage or Healer, so can my girl Brigitte! :wink:

But seriously, Andough is right… she is like Zarya or Zen. You need another to finish the Oreo cookie.


On a team with 5 DPS there is really only one choice.


‘We need a healer’ Nope, YOU need a healer - i’m just fine tyvm.


I do that all the time and even say that in my head. LOL


Oh my god LMAO. I need to start doing that.


Two types of people on new hero release:

  1. Play as new hero and see how well you can force him/her into the role of the hero you main

  2. Play as your main and see how well you can kill the new hero


I am a Widow/Tracer main, but I will definitely be looking into Brigitte. I guess that makes me one of “those guys”, but you know what? I don’t care. I’ve been looking for a character whom I can flex support/tank to now that Mercy and DVA have been changed so far beyond what I was once accustomed to. Why should I try and relearn a style with them, when I can learn a whole new hero whom I find interesting? Brigitte in particular is very appealing because she combines things I like about a tank role with things I like about a support role. I know she cannot do either thing by herself efficiently alone, but the sentiment is still the same.

I want to play her so I can play other roles if needed. There’s nothing wrong with that. If my Widow or Tracer isn’t needed or I must play Support, just because, I want to play a character I enjoy and have had practice on.

So please, you assume just because one mains a support/tank role that automatically bars everyone else from playing a brand new hero? Self-righteous fool. I surmise that Support/Tank mains never played Sombra or Doomfist when they released.


I’d like to have a minimum hour requirement to play a hero in competitive. Instead of just the level 25 requirement, it would be nice if you could not play competitive mode unless you meet the following criteria:

Level 25, AND
50 Hours on at least one character from each class (defense, dps, support, tank, etc).



I’ve spent a solid 5 hours on the PTR, and I’ve found that Brigitte CAN NOT heal or tank alone. She doesn’t have the output to do it.


Same here OP! The games where I have to fill tank or heal and the team will still miss one of these roles is too damn high.

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Do you honestly think those people are the ones who use the forums and will be reading this?

You are not more entitled to playing a hero than someone else because of the role you main. We’ve already covered this with Moira’s release. Stop trying to find more anti-DPS things to circlej about.


Hope everyone starts wanting to play Brigitte, so I can freely grab Moira without having to instalock her in fear of a dps Moira scooping her up!


You should be glad if Brigitte players wannabe damage dealers, thats her way of healing.


If this is referring to quickplay it is sad in quickplay you don’t need to play healer you choose too its to have fun having 5 dps is viable in uickplay, anything is viable in quickplay. Also suggesting that dps should just not play her so a support main can is wrong everyone has the right to the new hero and will want to play her.

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