Brigette, the new "MustPick", Now 16.13% Pickrate? (gm)

Bastion is at 78% win-rate in Grandmaster this week.

Can’t be a lack of data skewing the statistics, Bastion is obviously the most OP thing since ever.


QP doesn’t matter worth a damn when it comes to balance tbh.

Now she’s in comp, can actually collect data and such. She’s not as busted as moth mercy. That was next level stuff. She’s definitely effecting the game in some drastic ways, and that needs to be looked at and addressed. Backed by actual evidence, not the anecdotal nonsense that makes up the majority of balance discussions on this forum.

True dive was ran in like 10% of the ladder, yet listen to these forums and it seems like it was some rampant relentless uncounterable monster. The reality is never reflected here.

Exaggerating, appealing to emotion and employing hyperbole etc, does nothing but agitate the already murky waters around here. It’s not until we have an amount of objective evidence that can be individually verified that we can draw conclusions. Otherwise, we’re all just measuring peen.

She’s def… Something. I totally believe there will be adjustment. I just need more to go off of.

Edit: Or we can continue to absolutely butcher the art of interpreting statistics. Seriously the way people argue about statistics around here is headache inducing.


Also her pickrate, beside because is new on competitive, is mostly because is a real counter to Genji and can kill Tracers. Also is good vs Winston.

Then if the dive is painful and powerful and you have a counter to it, of course you will pick her. Also I find her fun to use and original on her playstyle

You can’t accurately predict her competitive performance based off of PTR, QP or Arcade.

It is still far too early for statistics to clearly indicate an issue.

now she’s at a 1.2% pickrate and a 57% win rate, she just hit comp and most comp players don’t know how to deal with her. The PTR and Quickplay are played by people that don’t care about the balance of the game or winning thus competitive players don’t want to play in either mode.

Uh currently shes averaging 11.3% across all tiers, and 16.13% in GM…

17 minutes experience and such sweeping conclusions. very impressive. pls tell us more


well not to sound condescending, but if it takes you more than 17 minutes to learn 1 combo, understand you stay in the front line and brawl with tanks, and save your heal to burst low targets, that’s a reflection of your skill, not me making sweeping conclusions. Xqc went into comp and used her with 0 play time on a fresh account and placed higher than his main, Kabaji plaid her for the first time ever in comp and got 50 elims and 4 golds, dafran 1v4d a point as brigette and won while being focused. To any one diamond and above she is dumb easy to play, and super op.

heres my (zcar’s) main by the way, funny how you don’t even have an hour more play time (you probably have less if I put my other coaching profile up against yours) on brigette than me.

she has like a 100% pickrate and is not fitting well with my Zen main… =((((

Really shows how different QP and Comp is doesn’t it :wink:

not sure the point in comparing the performance of pros vs a gold tier genji but i digress. i’m not claiming brigitte isn’t easy. i’m claiming you shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations or recommendations for change given your lack of experience. credibility matters, sorry

yeah i haven’t made any recommendations about brigitte. see how that works?

Hilarious that you look at a 3.8k account that I talk to you on and try to call me a gold tier genji, its called a smurf. I literally showed you that by posting on my other account.

You realize you can play against a character and understand them too right? not that youd need to, because as I said, it takes like 2 minutes to learn brigette. I think this is just a difference in skill here.

Technically this is false to some extent. Since S10 is out for barely a week. You should expect her play count to be extremely high. Why? Because she just got released into comp unlike other released heroes which made into comp since 1 week of their launch on live servers.

You should expect a lot of people to test her out in real comp situations and decide which playstyles is the most suitable for them. The start of the season ranks don’t matter as much as mid season ranks so they don’t try as hard in the first part as they could just climb back in a few sessions. Or go higher.

You have to think about the other factors instead of “because he/she has a high pick rate, therefore shes a must pick” And completely ignoring that she wasn’t in comp before that.


i choose not to familiarize with the intricacies of ow on consoles as it may as well be a completely different game. having said that, congratulations on your achievement.

so by that token i’m a doomfist, genji and mcree expert. neat i need to start a few threads brb

haven’t done placements on the account on pc yet, its just below my console account but still in the same area.

youre, you literally quoted what I said:

and are choosing to make it mean something else. I said understand. not that it makes you an expert. shes going to get nerfed. blizzard will not leave her in this state with the pros talking about this. and when that announcement comes, what will you say then?

yeah sorry 3000 last least, let’s split the diff and say that “just below”

right so i understand how to play genji after 10min. no i got it. i’m seriously going to make a nerf genji thread now brb. after playing against him i understand genji’s needs best. thanks, all this time i felt i wasn’t qualified to suggest genji and widow nerfs but you cleared that up for me.

Nerfs, Incoming BTW.

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I can’t wait to see what stage 4 of OWL looks like with Brigitte. “And they are shooting at the shields. They are still shooting at the shields. Nobody wants to move forward because you don’t get near Brigitte”.


But did we need a 2nd hero to take up twice as much pick space as a must pick?