Brigette, the new "MustPick", Now 16.13% Pickrate? (gm)

Well, duh.
Lots of people are playing her.
The other characters have been in comp, so their scores are going to stay the same.

You can’t take something that’s been going for such a short amount of time and accurately use the data. (And as said, it only uses people who register. And not everyone registers. So what you’re doing is twisting data or not telling people important information to make the stats look bad.)


She’s meta. I take what I said back. NERF HER NERF HER HARD.
Support mains just whine that they’ll always the victim.
Moira needs her ult charge nerfed, Brigette needs a nerf and the Zen nerf was justified heavily.

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It’s literally been less than a day. Also, Overbuff only shows data for users who login to have their data recorded. The sample size is uselessly small right now.


Rumer has it that if both teams have a Brigitte it’s always a draw.


Because there are plenty of people who think that supports should be an easy kill, and that shouldn’t be true :I

Now we have a support that does a good job at fighting back and people don’t like it.


What if it’s king of the hill?

Then the game never ends.
Rumor has it, a game started the first hour comp started, and is still in overtime.


This isn’t true, people love Zen and Lucio.

People just don’t like overpowered supports.


And we have a week to watch it… ^^^^ But I was not expecting her to be that higher above EVERYONE in EVERY TIER. I’d chalk it up to no data, but they literaly cant show her pickrate on overbuff for some reason, but if you do the math in say Masters, she’s basicly sitting next to Zarya for pickrate.

Like any data pool, it needs to be big in order to receive the most realistic, accurate results. Brigitte has been in comp for like 15 hours. That’s an ungodly small data size to work with. Let’s regroup in two weeks.



And that problem wasn’t fully noticed until we had more data to work with.


Because it takes 12 hours for data to be put into overbuff your acually trying to convince people that an HOUR worth of data shows she is broken/OP.

It literally says she has a 0.03% pick rate. So: lets wait more than half a day for information to be used


Did I ever say they didn’t?

While there are people who do like them, I’ve also heard from people who think that it’s not fair that the support/healers can fight back, and they should be able to easily kill them. (There are, after all, lots of people on the forums :wink: )

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Its updated through the blizzard api… thats as long as people are actively polling it, but they are limited to so many requests per day

Just stop replying to OP, we’re not getting anywhere. Anyone who thinks 12+ hours of data to work with, even when their own source is clearly not valid yet (.08% pickrate??) they still aren’t getting it.

People don’t try to 1v1 a Roadhog or Mei. Both of them win 1v1 in most cases. It’s the same case for Brigitte, yet because Brigitte is new, everyone wants to blame their lack of skill and understanding of the game on her.


I main mercy and think supports should be easy kills. They should be the easiest heroes to kill. They’re supports, they heal. It’s their core design!!

#blessed :pray:

I imagine you have no problems with her because you don’t like getting smacked in the face trying to 1v1 her correct?



Yeah, you did. Zen and Lucio have always been able to fight back, even against Tracer and Genji. People don’t like overpowered supports yet you guys keep repeating this foolishness about people not liking supports that can fight back.

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Boi, we’re on the same side here. I’m trying to help you defend your case of small data pools, lol.

She has 78% winnrate in masters. Wth blizzard !