Brig rant, I h8 this hero

I’m a Doom main and don’t hate Brig as much as you all do.


Sorry, but being instantly deleted from across the map isn’t fun either. I’m glad they added Brig into the game, even if her release was stupidly strong. Someone needs to grow up and get over it.


Imagine thinking Brig is hard to kill


If Brig 1v1’s was the issue, sure.

But the issue with Brig is always how she makes comps that should be vulnerable to Dive, not vulnerable to Dive.

I think Sigma’s rock is the only anti-dive thing double barrier has. What else do you mean?

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Brig: Whipshot, Shieldbash, 70hps through barriers and matrix.
Bap: Inmortality Field
Sigma: Accretion
Mei: Move her to the Tank role

And for Orisa and Sigma, their self sustain abilities should probably be weaker, but buffed in other ways, like more frequent usage or utility features.

Also for knockbacks that aren’t melee-based, revert them to how they were in 2018.

For specific implementation, here you go:
Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

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hes talking about rally, the “AOE win ability” which it literally is, in scrims when the enemy team uses rally and your team doesnt have a brig of your own, you literally just have to fully disengage from the fight


I’ll also use one of my other replies for you because it seems to also fit.

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its an overpowered ultimate on an already overpowered character

Overheal needs to exist so there is something that actually counters one shot.





oh no the golds are laughing at me :((((

Sorry, what? I play tracer and Genji. And I know for a fact that you did not just say you can “consistently 1v1 a Brig” as those heroes. I must be misreading

you can consistently 1v1 brig as genji or tracer in lower ranks because the brig isnt being enabled nearly as much

noo nonononono trust me. U should NEVER 1v1 a Brig as those characters (maybe tracer) but genji? no.

Even if you use primary fire a lot (Which I do) a close up 1v1 means death

I play both of those heroes in a masters level, you can definitely 1v1 a brig as both of them, brigs 1v1 potential isnt an issue, its what she does in a team

Let me rephrase it:

Even GOLDS laughing at you!


Oh no… I don’t have a valid argument so I resort to rank shaming.

Also what makes you think I’m gold?