Brig no longer can combo Tracer


One bad idea doesn’t justify another.


that’s the point. she had way to much value in every slot.


If you’re balancing the game for “high skill players” like a large part of the forum asks for that means you don’t get to use the “only in pro play” justification.

Also there’s smurfs and bad matchmaking that put good Tracers against opponents that aren’t up to their par.


110, but same difference.

Also swing, bash, swing, whip only does 145.


Yeah i remember when she was the highest picked hero…oh wait that never happened.


Then at this point you may as well just rework her because she has very little value now. She is still competing for a support slot.


I don’t really see the point in her now either, why take unreliable and inconsistent utility, which does not even give the chance to stop anything from attacking your backline, with a slight better healing on delay useless against burst?

Really disappointed in the change as well.


This is a step in the right direction. Well done, devs, well done!


No. It really is not


Hmmm interesting.

The change that would fix brigitte is not being so lethal at close range.

I expected something like this for a long time.

Now she can still hold objectives and her position, but not outright delete tracer and kill others easily.

If this had be done from the start, they would never nerf shield HP, and maybe not even SB cooldown.


remember when she countered an entire team comp by existing, and made tracer a throw pick in the game, and also created tank heavy comps that made everything else obsolete?


I mean, her HPS is 0.667 higher now. /s


How exactly? By hitting them with her 35 damage per hit flail.


That is just it. You can’t just throw this nerf on top of everything else, because she will be trash at that point. You have to revert some other things.


She never had recently, her damage was already the lowest and her shield bash reduced, she could not one shot anyone apart Tracer and even then additional damage had to be applied or Tracer could outbait her and still kill her using her kit.

It does no damage right now, the combo does 75 damage not 105.


Brig wouldn’t be a problem if they nerfed Tracer.

But they seem really concerned about maintaining “hype,” and tracer is “hype” because she takes “skill.” that’s why they axed stopwatch mode like immediately


Devs clearly have no idea what they’re doing and are listening to the mass whiners. She’s been fine since the 7 second shield bash nerf


F-tier confirmed if this goes live. This is the worst nerf they could ever think of.


That has been apparent for a very long time my friend

*cough Mercy meta cough *


as a tracer main
at least give her more healing, buff her pack, maybe even only qualify this damage reduction against non-armored targets

wonder if they meant to write BY 5