Brig has a 4.49% pickrate & 58.26% winrate this week in GM

She is directly bad against range or phara.

This is fair, but you also have to remember you’re still looking at 7 days of data only 2 days after the patch.

When looking at weekly data, things are still in a bit of a flux until you get 7 or 8 days in, which is when you finally get to look at numbers strictly from after the patch that aren’t skewed by anything now irrelevant.

My problem with Brig is that once you make the TINIEST error in positioning, you’re dead meat in half a second unless you can whip shot somebody and run like hell for cover while your health very slowly regenerates…

Sorry, it was this random guy;


Overbuff statistics for the quoted orange text.

Month of January
Win rate % for Grandmaster.
(unfortunately cannot separate by patch)

Josh Nohbody said
“GM players…are #6 and #7 in terms of win rate for damage heroes”

Solder 76 is 4th overall and Genji is 8th. These numbers were about the same, on Overbuff when Josh wrote his post.

Overbuff numbers are skewed. Sometimes more then others.
It is no longer reliable for any reason whatsoever to use Overbuff as a metric of data for Overwatch.

Your forgetting one thing my guy

The stats he provided were ones for unmirrored winrates, we’ve known since the moth meta overbuff includes mirrored winrates, the stats do not conflict because theyre measuring 2 different variables

Bold text further invalidates Overbuff as a source for data points.

Lmao sure, you do you man, you do you

she is indirectly ok against them due to how her healing works.

sure she can’t kill them on her own,
but that isn’t her job her job is very rarely to kill, it’s to reinforce positions for her teammates.
a mccree or widow that gets a repair pack overheal have a bigger chance to be able to deal with the enemy pharah, and she can block some range damage for them aswell when it comes to non-explosive characters.

like what does any other support bring to a sniper duel?
do you really want to waste that baptiste immortality field for your widow to win it? or do you rather have your brig stand infront of your widow to eat that key shot?

sure ranged is her weaker area but she’s not as bad as she could have been, that’s due to her repair packs and her barrier.

Ya, Blizzard could have made her shield have 1 health and her self heal hit her for 1 health per second. Blizzard could have made her worse, but only in the realm of comedic jokes.


Yep, that’s why Papa Jeff talks about meta perception and perspectives. They can be more impactful than whatever the meta could truly be.

She got a inspire buff when she lost 45 dmg on her shield bash and generally the sentiment for her balcnce by the community was reduce her defence and dmg and make her do more healing like a support should do.

I also think she got her inspire to go through barriers a well but she’s had so many changes I forgotten what happened when

Yeah, you definitely want another healer who has a bottomless hp source for healing your team when you can’t proc inspire. Her backline peeling ability does enable better use of Ana/Baptiste, which is nice (and Baptiste will even cover for her lack if a defensive ult).

You must have not watched btc he explained why that inspire buff was useless

please use the full sentence in context.

that’s talking about her weakest area and she’s not even that bad when she’s supposed to be really bad in it.

she could have no barrier, 200 hp, and her repair packs don’t overheal and her repair packs could have had a range of 5m and it could have been a single repair pack and her abilities could have had a shared cooldown.

things could have been much worse.

It gets irritating what you are trying to accomplish here in this forum. Whenever Brig forums pops up you get dopamine . and you create this .

You should seriously, play Brig yourself .
I myself am a Brig player. and I know when to switch off her.

See, you get it.

What Blizzard did to Bridgette, or at least what I envision in my head is this;

All the developers sat around a big table with a fish bowl in the center. Jeff Kappo asked all of them to place three ideas for Bridgette changes on a folded pieces of paper into the bowl. He stirs it up a few times and selected 4 different papers. Those 4 papers got implemented into Bridgette’s design regardless of how stupid they were.

Then she would be a horrible support with a horrid kit

no i don’t want more healing for brig, what she got now is good enough.
the thing is, tanks can’t just sit with barriers which means they have to get close or get out and that’s when brig gets inspire or don’t need to rely on inspire.
to me she’s just really good at supplementing any other support.
she’s very much her own character.

But i can’t tank a full bastion clip anymore! Brig is trash tier!

So you are commenting on the quality of a support hero you don’t personally play?