Brig has a 4.49% pickrate & 58.26% winrate this week in GM

look … not trying to take a crap on you but i had to check your stats.

brig isn’t for you. you do actually need to have aim to land whip shots thus keeping inspire up. seriously every character in both your QP and comp stats have actual horrible weapon accuracy statistics.

learn to aim. once you do that, you’ll begin landing whip shots and you won’t have to spam E as often.

Brig is stronger in this build due to changes.
Though you still Don’t need to play her to win, this is why shes in a good spot.

This is why she doesn’t have high pickrate, if you’re good Brig you can do fine, but if you don’t like to play Brig, you don’t have to, Brig is balanced atm.

With Less Shields and Overall nerfs to Sigma and Orisa, Brig gained more value from her Kit.

Doomfist and Other Hero Nerfs to Baptiste, helps Brig get the job done.
While McCree who is getting a Health buff will be a threat to Brig, it’s only health, she has to worry about.

she’s the support i play the most and i understand how to play around her “weaknessess”
i’ve played her since her release and i fully understand every nerf and change she got.

just because she got nerfed and changed doesn’t mean she’s bad, actually far from it.
they made her less of a bruiser who had less healing potential into a generalist.


Oh ____ you’re serious.

I have 700 hours on Reinhardt, and 300 more on the other tanks. I play in Anchorage Alaska with 90 Latency on average. I have videos of me recalling as Tracer and teleporting back to where I started in a Mei freeze…against bots.

You have no idea what its like to play Overwatch here.

Case in point.
When I moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2013 I was an avid Call of Duty Black Ops II player. My stats were average with about a 1.1 KD average. When I got to Phoenix my First few games I was 15+ kills with less then 5 deaths. i am under no illusion that to play at my maximum level I can’t do that where I am living currently. Hence the reason I play Latency forgiving heroes, Like Reinhardt.

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I think Brig is actually an OK support although is easily rolled if not played smartly. Since armour was changed back, her ult is now no longer useless and her AoE healing is still pretty strong. She isn’t the tanky support we probably want her to be but I don’t think you could achieve this without the OP status she used to have.

Oh, I was talking about what you wanted in the team’s other support. Not changing Brig.

no they sat down at a table, discussed how they could change her into a character that supports better but at the expense of the rest of her kit.

I wasn’t there, and neither were you. Both of our scenarios have equal weight to them.

honestly it’s up to the other support if they can fit with the rest of the comp, brig usually fits no matter what imo.
she doesn’t have the worst healing, doesn’t have the worst of anything, but she doesn’t have the best of anything either.
which means the other support has to weigh their options if the team needs more healing or more utility or more damage.
brig just has flat out a little bit of everything.

then don’t play brig as your life choices have landed you somewhere that is physically far away from the rest of the world.

sucks, but latency kills your ability to get things done and whip shot is crucial to brig’s ability to get things done.

I dunno, there are supports that don’t combine with her well. Lucio or Zenyatta give you a team with bad burst healing, so it’s rough on tanks. Moira gives you a team that can run out of healing.

well it’s fairly easy to tell what the intent was when they gave her higher inspire healing and less self healing and gave her 3 repair packs and nerfed her barrier.
less bruiser, more healing to the rest of her team.

My life choice was to get into a motorcycle accident and have my spine disjointed from my pelvis. Any more assumptions you want to make? No the accident wasn’t may fault, I had a car pull into a parking lot right in front of me.

I played Bridgette in my comp games for this last season, for 5 whole games. Even with a 40% win rate I ranked higher then my 100% win rate as Damage and 80% win rate as Tank. Blizzards ranking system is like pulling the arm down on a slot machine, so meh. In Quickplay my win percentage on Bridgette is much, much higher. Specifically after Blizzard torched her kit.

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Brigitte isn’t bad like the forum says. If anything it probably has to do with her playstyle changing…

so is moira and lucio better than moira brig?
is ana zen better than brig zen?

you exchange something for every support duo, but with brig you only lose a bit of power in one area that the other support chooses not to pick.
but with other supports you lose a thing completely.
brig is a generalist and does a bit of everything, there’s no other support that does that.

look at baptiste for example, he either shoots or he heals, sure he can swap between them but he doesn’t do both at the same time.

look dude, i really couldn’t care less as to why you’re in alaska. point is you’re physically far away from the servers this will mean greater latency.

the reason you ranked higher is your damage stats are even worse. being carried to 5 total wins will net you lower rank than healing for 9K.

my advice to you, play mercy or moira. you won’t have to aim much and your stats clearly show your aim, for whatever reason, is 1rst percentile. (p.s. 1rst percentile means you’re aim is worse than 99% of this game’s playerbase.)

honestly, not trying to take a crap on you. look at your stats though. if you want to succeed you have two choices.

  1. play heroes that don’t require precise aim, of any kind (moira, mercy, rein, winston are all good choices)

  2. learn to aim

Her kit contradicts itself. That’s why people are complaining about her and it’s why her pick rate is so low.

It’s not that she takes more skill Ana’s and baps pick rates are way higher and it’s not because shes braindead because moiras pickrate is higher.

It’s her kit is poorly designed

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not really. once you understand how to be effective she flows quite well.

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You think I am new to Overbuff, and before that, MasterOverwatch. I know where my stats are and they aren’t where you say they are.

Then why make ____ up?

Some heroes I have played, never in comp, I have a horrendous aim to crit ratio. However, last I checked, before profiles went private and Overbuff became useless, I was in middle of the pack.

Quick check, right now, I am 15th percentile on Orisa. That’s top 85%, so eat a ____.


name the 3 best supports in your opinion.
let me guess, baptiste, moira, ana.