Brig has a 4.49% pickrate & 58.26% winrate this week in GM

I am not saying it’s not but imagine if mercy had a cooldown everytime she healed with her staff?

Most of people that do not get this do not play support at all.

Brig does work nowadays. I use her in dive comps (ironic) and it works a ton since the comp is agressive and she only works in agressive teams now. And she fits more my defensive style, so it is a win for me in particular.

The problem is that she is like if DF had to use his kit to snipe people and keep away from them… While having the same kit. Which I admit it is mind bogling.


I happen to remember Jeff also once said Rein was the 12th most picked hero during S3 (aka. the height of Triple Tank.)

Do you really think that people trying to sell you/keep you invested in a product are going to actually say “This part of the product is bad?”


you understand that a 4% pickrate means she is showing up a lot?

and that having few supports does not mean they aren’t picked or decent?

zarya is picked 1.14% of the time and there are 8 tanks

that is niche.

4% pickrate and 55% winrate is the winrate these forums used to claim that doomfist was picked too much and overpowered.

if it makes doomfist overpowered to have the same pickrate and less of a winrate then brig is far from niche.

If you aren’t using overbuff where do these numbers come from?because its 5.8 on ob

Pretty sure she got her rework after GOATS

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Make Firestrike deal 50 at the start and gain damage as it travels then claim that Rein was always meant for the backline.


Brig never stopped being good. Ever. In fact back when Moira had her meta season, brig was secretly better, and I pulled a 60% wr with her out of over 100 games. People just trash with her new play style.


what is 5.8? what are you talking about

Honestly, I would take that if the max damage went above 100.

?? She’s 4th most picked support in GM, 9th most picked overall in GM, and the 3rd highest winrate in GM.

4.49% pickrate is not low.

Her winrate is not inflated

We must have different ideas, because the front line is definitely somewhere Brig likes to be, and is only “respawn simulator” if you aren’t playing her well

Maybe, but even better in the right hands.

Some people are so deep in the denials they seriously should seek help. Not even Violet playing 4 accounts into rank 1-4 comp is convincing enough … I really don’t know what is…

I suppose only if stylosa makes it to 5000 SR ppl will accept that Brig is in fact viable.

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Exactly, so if the average player at all ranks is winning 58-60% of the time with her we should be concerned.

All this talk about what Brig can/can’t do, gets countered by etc. when she’s really effective because fights revolve around objectives in relatively short range. There’s really not that many maps you can’t exploit to that end and then it requires the enemy to pick and be able to proficiently play certain heroes when Brig’s skill floor is low when compared to landing headshots under duress etc.

Her payload-esqu sustain and micro health shield doesn’t lend itself well to the immense damage where the tanks are standing. That is where she used to be, and where she belongs.

You may get some extra support from your healing partner, but without that, as soon as the Reinhardt shield goes down and you are standing there, you are the next thing going down. It doesn’t matter how well you are playing Bridgette, she has a finite health pool.

At the end of the day, I really don’t care. My argument isn’t that Bridgette is bad or good, its that Blizzard made her kit counter intuitive to how she has to be played to be effective. I know the argument “but she was soooooo stronk before they rewarked her.” Only if you had to be in melee range to hit the Bridgette with a gun. So Blizzard caved to all the people with “less then adequate aim” and gave her weaknesses she never should have had.


Seriously where are you getting your numbers from? You guys are quick to dismiss overbuff but have not cited where any of your info comes from.

Very suspect

On to viola or other gm people who took brig to t500

I can name or find Alot of streamers that have taken the most disliked or whined about heroes on this forum to t500.

Just because 1 or 2 people found a good rhythm with her doesn’t mean she doesn’t need worked on.

You guys are so blinded by you biased you aren’t even listening to the people who play her.

This whole thread is basically a “man you guys are dumb or bad why don’t you play brig more?”

I have a 65 per cent win rate with her. She’s the closest a thing I have to old Sym and I love her.

Well A. It wasn’t geoff first off

B. The information he provided didnt conflict with overbuff’s stats at all

Luckily, we are all allowed to have our own opinions. I disagree with you, I think Brigittes kit is 100% in line with her playstyle.

Smack enemies, heal teammates, block damage/abilities, prop up your team with armor, profit


This I agree with. We are all just going to agree on disagreeing.

well brig does bring a stun and a boop but they are both compromises of how strong they are, however because she does have both makes her a good combo character in conjunction with other characters.

the overheal (armor stacking) and her overall healing ability is what makes her the best general dps healer in my opinion.

but brig does rely on that second player to get the most out of her kit, she’s kind of the mercy version of lucio in a sense.
she is very much so the pocket combo healer that don’t bring damage boost but she brings close range utility instead.

like she won’t make big plays on her own, but she will enable others to do so and disable the enemy to a degree.

so in a powerlevel way she’s equally strong as any other support but her kit is so leveled out that most people won’t recognize her strengths.
imo i think her biggest strength is that she’s never directly bad.