Both symmtra and mercy mains have every right to complain TBH

They increased the skill cap on sym, which is an obvious insult to the old sym mains. All they had to do with old Mercy is required Los of x time before the q hits, there is your counter play…


They balanced one of the most powerful, and easiest supports in the game.

They raised the skill cap on a hero that previously had no place above gold.

They seem to want an easy way to have a heavy impact on the game, and that simply shouldn’t exist.

They may have the right to complain, that doesn’t mean it’s justified.


Don’t bring symmetras problems into Mercys backyard, mercy is completely fine, sym isn’t.


I don’t mind them raising the skill Ceiling of Sym, I mind that they raised the skill floor all the way up to where that ceiling used to be.


Diehard Symmetra main 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 here.

I like the rework; I think she’s in a better place. I don’t want the lock-on beam. That can be given to a new support hero.

Only things I dislike is that current Sym is still below where she should be in terms of strength, is riddled with bugs, and has completely lost the ability to give shield HP to anyone in some form.


Yeah I gave up after 3.0 release 🤨 Part 3 and Finale: Time To Chill and Drop The Unfinished Hero: Sym (My Last Topic on the Matter; Ex-Sym Main) (Updated)

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Except they didn’t. Her turrets are easier to place and harder to destroy, her ult isn’t easily found and destroyed anymore, her tp is pretty intuitive, and a beam weapon which becomes increasingly easy to hit and kill with over time, combined with a fast-charging orb that 2-shots squishies… yeah no. They really didn’t unless your aim is nonexistent and you’re in bronze


I mean think of it this way. Let’s say the devs decided to rework genji because something in his kit becomes problematic. Instead of taking the advice of everyone let’s only listen to support mains (because I know how much they love genji) and what they want from a reworked genji. I don’t think genji players would be happy with that outcome no matter how balanced it would be. That’s kinda the issue both characters have ATM


I don’t mind the current Symmetra but would love some tweaks to Symmetra’s utility to bring her dueling speed up.

Sick of turrets taking 1.5 seconds before they even attack, so you can’t use them during a duel, it’s either before it happens or pray that the enemy don’t see them being thrown.

I want to actually be able to enjoy using primary, not have it going for several seconds on someone just to barely get to level two and have one of the 140+ dps a second characters two tap you. Any other character constantly attacking that long with an advantage would win a 2v1.

I want orbs to actually have an effect beyond direct hits. Why even give us splash if it is never used due to the poor af range. I want to hit the floor during a duel so we don’t have to charge up as much, or a wall next to a shielding tank to hit people behind it. Well, you can’t, the orbs are only two meters for splash.

I want a tp that can actually be useful, not take more than three seconds before it can be used, bugs on hills and railings and never places at your feet. Oh yeah, and the interaction radius being so damn small that even if you manage to get a good tp during grav (after the 3+ seconds it takes to set up), half the time it can’t be used right next to you while you bob around.

Also lol, “let’s make Symmetra a dps but give her a support ultimate that’s even more useless than before” Yeah, it can have an impact, but not as much as it should.


I’m fine with a few changes/reverts in Symmetra’s kit, even if it meant moving her to the support role but Mercy I believe is fine.

You do realize that before Ana was gutted and even sometime after (Lucio + Zen), Mercy was considered a trash pick in the high ranks everyone just keeps looking at. She only got extremely Powerful AFTER the rework


Don’t compare Symmetra Mains problems with Mercy Mains , please.

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You mean… The part you liked the most? The most convenient part?


And remained that way for a long time.

She just lost her identity for me. Mercy still can rez, Torb still can build turrets but Sym was entirely redesigned twice.

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She seems to be redesigned more then that

everyone has the right to complain.
i hate it when people try to change my mind like no way.

im fine with symmetra but i miss old symmetra so much, its just how it is.


I have become so disenchanted with overwatch over the pathetic, rushed, half arsed rework for Sym.

I look at how Hanzo was reworked, and then I look at Sym…and it’s just so obvious they didn’t give a damn.

And the Sym rework is doubly sour for me because not only were these changes useless and for naught in regards to her popularity and toxicity towards her, but the rework eliminated one of the few accessible heroes (and the only accessible hero not relegated to nurse maid or meat shield) for physically disabled people like me. Before, I could go all day playing Overwatch, and now I need to stop playing because my hand locks up and hurts.

I think the people who praise the rework and mock Symmetra players in the same breath are actually just cowards who didn’t “learn to aim” at a hero who needed to be <10 m and take 3 seconds to kill or they just couldn’t stand being outplayed by a condemned pick like Symmetra 2.0.


Your right… forgot she was also compared to Mei.

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