Blizzard's daily dose of REVERT MERCY thread


Imma be frank blizzard
No one cares if you believe that rez on E can work anymore.

The whole community hate the current Mercy state. Every single Ana main. Every single dps main. And every single MERCY main hate Mercy 2.0
The amount of [so far ignored] popular revert Mercy posts is unbelievably high and people have so many brilliant Ideas on how to fix her. Yet you are ignoring EVERYONE.

Here’s an example of a well thought post by Titanium:

You gotta feel for mercy players

Didn’t know you spoke for everyone. I’d rather have this Mercy than Mass Rez.


I never agreed with that either, the forums are a small majority of Overwatch Players I like her current state as it is now. I never even agreed rez was an OP ability.


There’s something called majority. Maybe someone liked Brig stun on 5s cd and 150 of armor but that doesn’t mean it was okay to have them. Yet we aren’t asking for a full revert. Give mass rez a 1s cast time with no movement penalty so its counterable. Then add a new weaker E ability


So… How do you know this? Did you make a poll? Did everyone in the game voted there? Or is this the majority of Rainbow island?


Maybe because almost no one said that they like current Mercy on the forums or on my games or on streamers games. Yet posts that are against current Mercy get huge number of likes


Thats a bit wrong.
There are a lot of people that are happy about her not being the only possible healer pick.


So you want everyone who likes current mercy to start making “i like mercy” posts?


The forum is a tiny fraction of the playerbase.
Don’t assume it represents any kind of majority.


Please don’t generalize the player base of Mercy because of what you read here on the forums. I am a Mercy main and I don’t hate 2.0






What you need to understand is that there is a very very very small fraction of the player base on these forums. These forums aren’t - and shouldn’t be- the source of balance, especially considering the massive bias.


First of all I’m not against “all supports be viable” thing. I love Ana gameplay. And I love to see both Ana and Mercy being picked. Ana has no self heal No mobility No high damage. Each support at least has one.

Also this is actually a bit odd to say. You don’t have to make a post saying that I like This spectator cam Mercy to show that you like her. You can disagree under let’s say Titaniums post and see if you get more those 500 likes that their post got.



More facts.

Big facts.


You really enjoy repeating the same word for the same situation over and over right?
Like, what’s the purpose of your comments? Answer these questions to yourself maybe:
What’s so fun about

  • having ur picks nullified by the press of a button even when you had to sacrifice yourself to kill a key target
  • getting flamed by your team for playing Ana
  • ur favorite hero getting 11 consecutive nerfs, turned into a hero that is known for being boring to play yet a must pick
  • 15s spectator camera instead of rezzing ur whole team

Then look at urself


I love the moving of the goal posts in this thread. From “everyone” to “a majority” to “people I play with and watch streaming”. A poor replacement for an actual argument.

For what its worth, I vastly prefer today’s incarnation of Mercy to the original.


I was requesting sources for your massive generalizations, something you clearly enjoy doing.

To explain that you can’t make a statement like those and then act like what you say is a fact without any proof. Look, I can do it too!

All Ana mains hate healing tanks. All Mercy mains hate healing tanks. DPS mains hate fighting tanks. So let’s remove tanks!

See? Doesn’t really work, now does it?

Yet you have to actually risk your life to rez, and there’s more counterplay.

“What’s fun about every fight being ‘Hunt the Mercy: The Game’?”

I dunno about you, but I hardly see this happen, especially after Mercy’s nerf. Maybe on console?

Yeah, that isn’t supposed to be fun.

Feeling like a spectator is on you, bud. That’s what we call an opinion, something you clearly can’t have on these forums.

Nothing else really needed to be said. Look at yourself, still complaining when you know she isn’t going to be reverted.


It didn’t “move” from majority to people I’ve played with or ppl streamers have played with or people who talked about how much they despise current Mercy. I just explained what majority means. I play in ow community. And streamers also play with ow community. And these forums are filled with ow community


I’d rather have this Mercy than Mass Rez Mercy. You don’t speak for everyone.

Pre-Rework Mercy wasn’t any “healthier” for the game than the current one. Most of the playerbase who didn’t main Mercy hated playing against Mass Rez and a rework was necessary. Yes I know,the most awful meta came from it, but she got nerfed. I’m sorry the hero you love got nerfed so many times but this is what happens when something is overtuned and overpowered.


Daily dose of won’t read that anyway.


Definitely no moving of the goalposts here XD