Blizzard staff need upgrading

nice job strangling the code of conduct to hide all the complaints, while providing no help at all. closing support tickets as solved even though nothing was done.
and blaming some isp for blizzards choice to use them while having novice level DDOS protection.

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Blizzard will close tickets without response if there is a mass issue. This is normal and fine. I will be straight honest, your post is poorly worded and I am guessing you are complaining about last night’s DDoS. Blizzard has very high DDoS protection, but even then it still comes down to who is being targeted. In the case of last night, network providers that impacted a majority of our player population were. Realistically the best thing you need to be aware of is to keep calm, don’t play a high-stakes mode like Competitive when there is a widespread issue, and stay positive. Blizzard will do everything within the power to restore service and work with their network providers to stop DDoS attacks.


its been for several days now…
unless you getting attack after attack
with how blizzard treats the gamers I cant blame anyone for attacking blizzard

the response seams to be to:
-delete the threads on the forum.
-closed ddos connection tickets without any attempt at resolution.
-blame the ISP
-blame the DDOS crew (lizard squad?)

unfortunately im in IT and partially sympathize, on my end ive changed DNS providers from xfinity/comcast to google and then to 1 dot w/OpenDNS as a backup. updated my enterprise grade routers firmware and finally opened a ticket that blizzard immediately said was the ddos and closed.

my sense is you are contractually obligated to use an inferior DDOS protection service and don’t have enough servers to move around the user load around the nation. there should never be a single point of failure in any system from a company of blizzards size. there shouldn’t be more then a few hour window of switching backend routing to mitigate a DDOS attack.

id be happy to be proven wrong, im just using observation and industry knowledge.

after using your looking glass I discovered my traffic getting routed from Utah to france, Amsterdam, etc. a great way to introduce dropped packets and lost games.

To my knowledge, there is no current DDoS issue as of this moment (at least not like the one last night). While my personal experience cannot account for the current status of the entire community, I have played two separate sessions (with my most recent just completed just now), and I have not disconnected. I did disconnect last night when there was a reported DDoS.

In the tech support forum threads will be locked or deleted if they are simply repeating something is being said in another thread. This is done to keep everyone on the same page. All other threads are often deleted, locked, or edited if they violate the Blizzard Forum Code of Conduct.

This is a no brainer. If there is a DDoS that attacks a Network Provider, there is nothing Blizzard can do other than to communicate with the Network Provider, as they work to resolve and block out that attack. The web ticket service along with the technical support forums is intended to provide step-by-step troubleshooting to a user. In the case of the DDoS, sadly the only thing a user needs to do is wait it out.

More often than not, Blizzard and forum MVPs like myself try to pinpoint the issue, this is why we ask for Traceroutes and WinMTRs and they identify where and why a disconnection is happen and provide advice to the player on if there is anything they can do about it, even if that means calling their Internet Service Provider.

DDoS attacks will happen for one reason to another. Again, most DDoS attacks go after a Network hub in an attempt to block the traffic from reaching the game service.

Unfortunately, online games don’t typically have dozens of datacenters in any given region. For Overwatch, there are two data centers in North America (Los Angeles and Chicago), while the technological capability is there to have more datacenters, the player population would be divided if there were more datacenters and that would dramatically increase queue times.

First the Looking Glass Test does a connection from what may not be your native datacenter. (Also please double check the region you have selected.) Also it tests from the datacenter to the end user. So unless you are troubleshooting the inablity to connect with any of Blizzard’s services, it is not very accurate (yes Blizzard knows this). It is more accurate on an individual case-by-case basis to use enduser-to-service testing methods like a WinMTR test.

I also want to point out one things for EVERYONE (not just you DigitialHappy). With the COVID-19 outbreak, there is going to be signficantly increased strain on the overall world wide web. I am personally expecting to be more individual connection issues and disruptions for any number of causes. This could be anything from households overloading their own bandwidth, ISPs dropping or metering connections, and whole network hubs getting jammed with traffic (not even counting DDoS attacks). I have already seen news reports to disruptions of services including Netflix, Xbox Live, Nintendo Network, and of course Blizzard’s BattleNet platform. Unfortunately a lot of this is going to be out of control for end users. Again, please stay patient.

Also I know you edited out about your reply to my comment about Competitive Play, and I wish for you to understand that I personally see it as equally bad as directly leaving games for a player to blindly jump straight back into Competitive after they previously disconnected or crashed for any reason. Competitive has a relatively small penalty at only 10 minute suspension, and the SR lost is easily recovered after af few completed games because the hidden MMR will be out of alignment. I don’t mean to be rude on it, and I know that a disconnection can happen to anyone, at anytime. It is important to not jump in again and risk ruining another match. I am also not telling players to just stop playing Overwatch entirely. Just make sure that all players are truly prepared and there is no immediate indication of any technical issues that could negatively impact the match for not only you but the 11 other players in that match.

I hope this clarifies everything. If you need to learn more please see this official Blizzard tech support forum post: