Blizzard, don't cave in to whiny healbots

One of the greatest aspects of the beta is things actually die. Support players can’t just sit there mindlessly keeping the fight going for 7 centuries, they actually have to play together, pocket each other when dived (because there’s no longer an off tank to babysit them), and position well. Is Zen a bit weak? Yes. Does that mean you need to break the whole role again? No?

I’m really hoping the next beta doesn’t just give them major buffs that bring back the mess ow1 is. I’ll acknowledge support queue times being much shorter, however in my opinion that has nothing to do with power. It’s them getting next to zero changes.
Breaking them and ruining the game for everyone else? Not good.
The role needs 1 or 2 more new heroes and things will even out.


Oh boy the mass of threads that cause more harm than good and accomplish nothing grow and grow…

I really hope that they have something for supports in the next phases and that a new hero is enough to make others play the role again.

I like SOME supports in OW2. Moira, Lucio, Brig and also Ana feels very strong. The other have not a good time.

But saying “just get good lol” will not help getting supports to pick up the role.

DPS are also to strong at the moment. Heroes like 76 and Widow have to be touched.


amen brother, supports just mad they haft to look at something other then their own tanks to survive


Zen is like being a generic Titan while the flankers are Levi Ackerman. Anyways, the only buff Zen needs is a skin where he has Levi jeans to hype you up enough to land shots on that Sombra that hacked you from stealth… And solo emp’d you.


I have zero faith in blizzard not ruining OW2 with overpowered supports. They did such a bad job with it in OW1.


I think they should try to buff the survivability of Zen, maybe give Mercy more utility/offensive power, and do something to Bap as he kinda feels extremely mid right now, but I don’t think Moira, Brig, or Lucio need any buffs, and Ana is very tricky as she is diveable but has the strongest utility rn.

Bap could be more fun if his Exo boots worked more like Sojourn slide + he had more damage

Mercy I wish would get some sort of offensive ability or burst utility or something on her R ability

Zen give like +25 HP or even + 25 armor idk and maybe increase his move speed?


I know its to much to ask, but can we not call each other whiny or other things like that just because we all clearly like different aspects of games?
I mean in same way other people would be"whiny" for wanting faster game in OW before beta… since expresing opinion for change seem to just be whining those days.


Lol have fun with your queue times when no one wants to play the role. At least you got the easy styrofoam supports you always wanted to play against.


Who said supports want to be enablers of immortality, or even have the ability to heal further.

For the most part, supports are concerned that with the loss of the second tank, thus peels and with DPS having an innate runspeed advantage! that they themselves are too vulnerable, and too incapable of biting back.

Lucio and Moira seem to be the possessors of escape abilities, and the others need a way to both duck out of, and re enter combat in a way that enables essentially self peeling and the ability to actually win duels.


yeah the supports lul and thus the support players with them

they don’t want to keep the fight going they just don’t want to be a free kill.


Trust me, I’m having loads of fun. I don’t mind waiting, I can just do some work in queue.

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Yeah you don’t mind now, when interest is at its highest. And as that interest wanes you’ll start running out of work to do.


I’ll repeat again :point_down:


Blizzard, dont cave in to whiny Dps kids




Not gonna lie, i play every roles, but i don’t feel anything different from my playstyle in both version.
Only thing different is that the heals don’t feal as good as ow1

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Oh but trust me, they will. Buffs aren’t what supports need, they need reworks imo. Especially zen. Zen and all his metas held ow1 in a chokehold and i rlly just wanna see him reworked, not buffed.

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He’s either S tier or C. Not a great design :man_shrugging:

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I feel like I’m solely responsible for this response.

I am :upside_down_face: