Blizzard did Reaper dirty

If that’s actually true blizzard should be ashamed of themselves. The only reason I could think of is that they thought the sombra/reaper comp will become too strong.

Soooooooo,… anything?

Man it is so tedious to upload from Xbox…:

Don’t ask why the quality always goes to crap after a few seconds. Blame the technology because I have to export it like three times before I can upload because google removed the ability to upload to youtube directly from Xbox.


It’s because each bullet still has a slight randomness. They explain it in the patch. It’s to keep the feeling of a shotgun

You serious? They’re not full random like before lol, one gun is just slightly left of the other

The spread changes not going through for Reaper is indeed a bug.
We’ll get it fixed, thanks for the report!


All the Reaper mains be like…


For a moment I thought I was on Reddit.


Omg yes they’re gonna fix Mr. Reaples


Embedded audio does not work on my iPhone for some strange reason.

Hasn’t worked since iOS 13 launched, come to think of it…

Spread randomly rotates before the latest live patch.

NGL, this sounds great on my new PC sound system.

P.S. Nice to know it’s a bug and is getting fixed.

Well, there’s our answer!

Quite the successful thread, Silver.


Excellent! Well played!:heart:

What a miracle :flushed:

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Can you also make Reaper a tank buster like he should be but not a DPS/Support nuker?

how do u make that?

more damage but increased spread?

I’d have no idea. Maybe a passives of damage vs. tanks? Or maybe that lifesteal has to build up charge offensively, like Sym’s beam. So, it doesn’t work as well against targets that fall quickly, making it harder to farm life off of non-tanks.

I don’t know exactly but it’s bothered me for a long time. Each time Reaper gets a buff to be more effective against tanks it just increases his already effectiveness against non-tanks.

is it fixed yet???

Bad idea. Reaper’s fine against all other classes. Strong at close range.