Blizz devs want to keep some of the card changes

Both of Mei changes could go through I suppose. The one with the beam increasing the movement speed should also apply to her team and with more increased speed than in that exc. The ice block makes sense after all, nobody in real life would live if a block of ice landed on them lol. Or most likely they’d be in critical health condition.
Although they are not so amazing compared to what others got, it’d be a good start to make her more helpful / less clunkier

I personally would give her 50 extra shields or less cd on wall / cryo before any of these

Genji triple jump or the faster firerate but on the right click this time not the left click

Consistency with the other high capacity heroes. Bastion can’t move at all, and d.VA also has a movement penalty while shooting. However, d.VA had the penalty partially reverted at some point, because she could be kited by her targets while shooting.

Stalker Orisa has been borderline busted every time they try it on excard, so they may just walk back the penalty to like, -10% or something instead of what it is currently.

oh i get it…im just saying that you cant just say “you know what would be fun?”…you have to look at everything from both sides of the aisle…the devs didnt just throw in a slow down while shooting for no reason…that was a conscious decision…cause they dont JUST do “you know what would be fun?”…

That’s… Pretty much the only thing they consider when they make changes, actually. I don’t think anyone on the team has ever asked if the change they proposed would be fun if it happened to them instead.

Good morning everyone,

We did discuss the possibility of any of these changes sticking around with Geoff. That shouldn’t be seen as a tacit promise or even a statement of desire that we want to keep any of the changes.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


To be fair, it’s really obvious that some of the changes on the excard are aimed at actual, real balance changes, instead of meme changes. I don’t imagine no-shield Sigma and stalker Orisa reappearing in multiple excards is an accident.

I would love the Reaper Shadowstep-Buff, since it’s a kinda clunky ability.

oh andy…what have you done…thats a certified “guarantee” around here…we’re going to be flooded for weeks now with “the devs said blank”…we still have “geoff promised us support sym” threads pop up every now and then…and Doom is 100% a tank in OW2 now


Ah, the conspiracy theories again.

They should keep Orisa’s christmas hat!


If they want to keep Doomfist’s CC, and enforce the “only tanks are allowed to monopolize CC abilities”, they kind of have to move him. It would be kind of interesting to see how they balanced Doomfist against ball as the “displacement tank” options.

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Let’s just hope that before the end of the year there will be one “nice” experimental, just one.

I think the ones that improves mobility should stay or at least be considered for ow2.

Mei skating, dvas boosters, etc.

But please don’t buff McCree anymore.
I don’t know why he keeps getting them but he doesn’t really need it.

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Fourth turret Fourth turret Fourth turret Fourth turret

:eye: :lips: :eye: :sparkles:

It shouldn’t be questioned even as possibility imo. It was clearly stated that those changes were a joke. It is like spitting on the balance of the game just by considering adding changes that have nothing to do with improving the game.


I have a favor to ask. A few years ago during a developer AMA, a question was asked about Mercy and her superjump. The subject involved potentially making Mercy’s superjump an actual ability, in which Geoff responded that it would be something that he would look into. Since then we haven’t received an update, I don’t believe.

If the opportunity presents itself, can you ask him if superjump’s current implementation will stay as is? Or will it be changing going forward?

doesnt matter really. I’m sure there wasnt like… a whole section of the community that was gone that came back for it.

Lucio’s ult was pretty fun. Also some Rein buff is needed Rein feels like :poop: right now.
I’d even go ahead an say heck buff Monke Ult’s HP too.
About the other changes… Most are random buffs nobody needs.
Maybe Reaper could use some kind of shadow step buff and Moira could use a buff too.
Otherwise, the whole patch was just supposed to be silly. Most of the changes were super random and most probably won’t make it through and we all know we wouldn’t like if some of those changes made it through.
And some were really fun and creative, liek Hog and Mei, but I’m not sure if that kind of changes would be healthy for the game balance, although Mei was pretty fun.

Some other changes please never see the light of day again like Bap and Ball. I actually love the normal gameplay of those heroes and changing them like they were in experimental would ruin them.

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