Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

I don’t think supports are weak. I think people are just bored of supports.

Oh cool, so when is it?

…so when is it? How is that “completely transparent”? When is your planned patch? What are the odds of the patch coming out that day? If it’s delayed, when would we expect the patch? Always you guys say you need to provide more communication, more information, more transparency, and then you never, ever deliver.


Lol just thinking about that Dunkey video where he states “Symmetra is still zero fun to play.” Somehow they made her even worse. It’s obvious she needs a rework and the dev team doesn’t want to deal with it cuz they’ve fallen so behind they’re just trying to push the game out now. Can’t pay 40 bucks for something that’s just being rushed out the door. The fact that they addressed Mercy and didn’t say anything about Symm pretty much says they’re not fixing her.


Feedback: need to add option to turn off sound effect for General Chat. Really HATE it and don’t care who’s talking. And voice lines already told me who changed. Please go away!


For the big mercy change, why don’t you just make it to where one press of GA makes her go to her ally, and then a second would shoot her up where ever she is, it would make her kit more fun and still give the vertical movement she should have. i know yall have something in the works but i really do think that making her super jump a lil easier is great

OMG, It’s so bad., it always gets my attention cause it’s so loud and obnoxious but it’s always something like “Hello”

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Everyone? You mean those desperate enough to pay $40 for a beta?


I’m desperate btw, I just don’t want to support this absurdity


Glad to hear you are addressing Mercy, whoever came up with that ridiculous jump should be fired.

Guardian angel, fly up in the air and become a target, or fail to res.

Clearly someone was having a bad Monday when that change was implicated.


Did you forget about this? It’s Thursday, and I’m seeing nothing. Is this something you really want to do on a Friday? Cause I know you’re not gonna do it on the weekend.

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Hit me up in an hour!


I don’t have any good vibes, they’ll make Mercy even more trashy, when her problem isn’t in superjump, stop messing with her! , revert superjump to the state of OW1 or beta1 OW2.

And give him more healing power like the rest of the support and some new abilities.


Huuuge can’t wait. Pls just a solid revert to what mercy was before and a damage reduction to Sojourn’s disruptor shot

Would be a dream come true

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bring back brigitte 200hp and 50 armor is an unnecessary nerf

For the love of all that is holy please make Mercy’s superjump change an OPTION in the settings like almost every single one of her other abilities :confused:

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We just published a dev blog that goes a little more in depth on this post!


Can we expect the mid beta patch this week or next week?

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So not today then? I thought there’d have been a patch this week.

cool no mention of moira so maybe she wont be in this patch lol

Please just leave Mercy’s super jump alone bruh or at least give us a toggle option so we can keep using classic super jump

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