Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

I see that continue with the obsession of superjumping Mercy when what she really needs is new improvements and more healing power like the rest of the supports, otherwise she will continue to be the worst support in all of OW2.

Revert the super jump to the state of 1 and who wants to use the automatic, a button to activate, simple.


praying for the patch to come today


They state at the end she will; curious that they didn’t state what the change would be, but perhaps that means it’s the previous iteration they mentioned in a past dev update?

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o yea missed that line

“In the meantime, you can expect some changes to Moira and Mercy in this upcoming mid-cycle patch!”

hmm uh o lol

I know! I wish we could have, too. We were unfortunately unable to patch as frequently as we did in the previous beta.

These changes are coming to the beta soon! I am so excited for y’all to try out the Mercy and Moira changes.


Is there a date we can expect the patch? I’m really looking forward to it

Those Mercy changes sound much better thought out! I’ll reserve final judgement until I can actually play her, but that sounds real fun

Good post. Also with console now part of the beta its not surprising updates can take a little longer. That’s always been the case and the team has always told us it gets a bit more complicated when console is involved and why the PTRs arent on it. So why are people acting surprised?

Nothing new on Torb? :frowning:

remove this auto aim kits from mercy und moira - it’s just contra for your design space and full auto aim heroes wont be good, else its another designfail.

Imagine not reverting or even mentioning DF changes.

dude might as well not exist.
He tanks badly & he lacks any dmg to actually kill a target.

kinda bummed it wont be this week… oh well probably tuesday

You guys spoke about how you use data based on pick and win rates to balance heroes like 5 blog posts ago and yet your reasoning for nerfing sym 9 times was that she has a high win rate, then in one of the other blog posts you explained why sym has such a high win rate due to her low pick rate and specific situations when she’s picked.
Now in this post, you’re talking about how you thought sym was going to over-perform knowing that she only has a high win rate due to being picked in niche situations?


Nobody wants Sym in a good meta spot, this hero is niche and should stay in niche.

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Still no Ana nerfs lol

Manifesting a bug fix for the screenshot quality setting too! :pray:

When is soon? I’m really excited about the Moira changes!

“When cancelling Guardian Angel with Jump, Mercy will now be launched into the direction she is facing”. That doesn’t sound like a superjump. If u currently cancel GA with jump you do the bunny hop, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it works

“After the patch, Guardian Angel will not automatically launch Mercy into the air, but it will now have a meter that charges while the ability is active. When cancelling Guardian Angel with Jump, Mercy will now be launched into the direction she is facing. The more charge she gets during the ability, the more momentum the launch has when she cancels it with Jump.”

So you basically need to flick the camera up for the traditional superjump? Honestly still sounds like a nerf.


Once again, there isn’t really a reason to believe this.

It’s a shame they won’t balance as frequently.

It is also a shame that it seems from the blog they aren’t looking at Doomfist as a priority after the nerfs.