Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

"We hope everyone has been enjoying themselves playing and keeping up with the Overwatch 2 Beta! "

Yea if i finally become my code for the beta maybe i will enjoy it… :no_mouth:

Next time just do a open beta thx…

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Totally agree with you on the motion and shake effects its disorienting to say the least and I was off balance because of that after i stopped playing the beta. The lighting is awful I got such a bad migraine from all the lights going off when in a fight from weapons and abilities combined with the motion effects lets say it wasn’t a pleasant experience :sweat_smile: I agree with the sensitivity of some hero’s I played as Ana as well like I did good as her but there was something off with trying to heal people. At this point I’m not too worried about all the hero changes that need to be done I just want the lighting and motion effects to be fixed then I can focus on gameplay and how the hero’s feel and provide accurate feedback since I’d be able to see and focus on it without being dizzy and having a migraine that lasted for a couple hours after I stopped playing the beta :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


There are so many threads about this here and on reddit. The devs should really address if the game is making people feel physically ill.


Not with those disgusting Symm nerfs we haven’t.


The wait for more Support and Tank hero changes continues :thinking:
Hope they address the atrocious ‘screen shake’ soon.

I 100% agree with you on that they need to address the issue and correct it cause what if someone who was fine playing OW1 goes into the beta and has serious problems like a seizure? They’re playing a very risky game right here by not addressing and fixing this. Also it says a lot if a lot of people are complaining of having similar if not exact symptoms :thinking:


Tele needs to be removed. Sym needs a rework. No way around it. She fundamentally doesn’t fit into the game anymore. Ive already done the work for you.

If anything, it’s kinda the opposite. A hero is often limited by how effective they are in OWL.

I.e. Reaper/Mei

Where as heroes that aren’t OWL relevant can get ladder buffs.

I get the feeling they are gonna wait until the Microsoft buyout and shift everything to Azure servers.

It was clearly a design decision at the time of launch.
This zero-latency concept and different server-side handling of skills and player positions was not an e-sports friendly decision as I see it.
This was done for the sake of inclusion and because e-sports were not on the agenda at the beginning of the project.
Chances are slim that they will change it after the release of OW2.

Your talk of fantasy has nothing to do with game design, but simply cattering to those fantasies. In terms of gameplay, Pharah’s flight ability comes at a great balancing cost, as many characters are unable to interact with her, she’s playing her game, while others are playing their game down there, this lack of interaction is poor game design. There is a reason why they nerfed her flight ability, but overall she might require a little more rework.

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Give me Beta Access and I’ll gladly share my feedback :woman_shrugging:


They nerf to death Symmtetra even death have pity of her. Then they will rebuff at the state of the last OW1 patch, and called it a “good” buff.


Are you gonna address the FPS issue thats been going on in the beta?

Is this more damage mitigation after the “1% (of forum users don’t matter anyway) disaster”?


Six years with the same Devs butchering the same game. Very impressive when you actually think about it.

I cannot wait to see how you kill off Moira. Who actually plays support in the way YOU have specifically said you want supports to play, aggressively.

I wonder what overwatch could have been.


That makes you the only one. Feels awful having to actively cancel an action instead of just… doing the action when I want to do it.


Yeah and they keep adding more DPS heroes instead of tanks or supports. :smiley: I dont really expect they will do anything that makes sense really… Thats how it goes in huge companies like this, they never make sense to regular human being.

Same goes with Warzone, they killed it with their Vanguard forced update, but they atleast realized they did something wrong and voala here we go, Warzone 2 in October, basded on Modern Warfare 2. Yeah Im actually lookin forward for this. :slight_smile: First seasons of Warzone were pretty good.

I just hate how Pharah players dont even have to aim and they think theyre good in the game if they play Pharah. Echo is much better hero and I have nothing against her, Echo takes a lot of skill to play.

Of course it feels awful for many that played her previously. They took away the old way of doing GA and replaced it with something fundamentally different than what it was, the specific tech works slightly differently and they didn’t give anyone the option of using the old way.

Going to rez someone and not hitting spacebar while you GA to your target, only to get sent flying in the air is obviously annoying and creates an extra thing to remember. I had to play a bit to get used to it. I enjoy being in Valk, rezzing, flying 3 feet away, GA to target I rez’d and then looking and moving up for extra height on the superjump and getting away. Makes movement much easier to avoid being killed and get away. You can also just move around at ground level with the target to get the max jump height in valk as well. Also you can just cancel ga at the target similar as in OW1. This will give you the immediate jump without waiting for a dip and start the cd timer on GA. Also, even if not done, any super jump done from the air (even if you just jump before GA) will auto start the GA cd timer.

I can V-jump maybe 60% of the time on live, but its so hard in actual situations and soo risky if you go for it and fail. With auto V-jump, in valk Mercy is given more flexibility to move around, dodge shots and stay high in areas of maps like 2 of Lijang’s control points.

When I heard about the change, I thought it would be horrible and unplayable. It isn’t. But that doesn’t mean I think they should force it on everyone that spent time finding locations and working on the tech. Those are two different things.


we need support role passive revert back to 1s! Support feels so weak and not able to survive especially to flankers! There’s so much damage in the game with little cover to hide while constantly healing teammates in open space. The last Beta feels so much better to play, please revert the role passive back please.