Being punished for natural disconnects is unreasonable and can be worked around

2 seasons ago, DC with moira. Won 1st round, DC the second. Came back Won the 3rd and the match.
That is not happening or either I was able to reconnect in 2imns +

Anyway, if the outcome happens exactly like I said, the gain/loss should be Zero.

What about everyone else who likely lost skill rating and potentially had a frustrating match due to 5 v 6?


this: Leavers possible solution

Don’t play competitive if you know your internet might go out, especially when it’s storming. (I guess that’s too much common sense though.)


I’m going to go with a big fat “nope” on this one, simply because it will quickly be exploited by trolls who will then get no SR punishment for their deliberate disruption of other peoples’ game time.

Disconnections suck, they really do, but my advice would be the same as the others here - if your internet is unreliable (let’s say your internet hiccups once a day or more frequently), then you should seriously consider not playing Comp. Stick to QP or Arcade, where if you disconnect it matters far less.

Running into the issue doesn’t make it an issue worth fixing. “Natural” disconnects happen to me like once every 2-3 seasons. If -50sr bothers you that much you should really reconsider playing ranked anyway.

And no amount of scripting is gonna detect someone shutting off their router, and you know they will.

It’s easy to write software that can spoof a real crash. I can write you an app in about 10 minutes that will stop the display adapter and simulate a “device lost” error in the game that’s indifferentiable from a real game crash. the game will have “generated a crash log” and everything.

Oh no, I just unplugged a different cable so my router still reports a legitimate connection to my ethernet port but with limited connectivity. Well that must be a perfectly valid disconnect, then.

That only works if the disconnect is an internet outage. What if my computer crashed and it was just slow to startup and took a few minutes before the game launched? Oh man I’m such a scumbag for not even trying to reconnect during that time and the match ended!

Yeah it’s actually not.


out of all that, you only mentioned the rain part, mmm I wonder on the common sense part.

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Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Great suggestions. Really Blizzard should get on with logging our actions and punishing people accordingly, because sometimes this whole situation is simply unacceptable.

And it’s not like they will have to put a lot of work into such things either. I would argue most of these things can either be done by external software or even Windows.

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It’s really easy to force a crash or a network disconnect (that looks natural). You could make an app that would do it at a button press. Someone would do it, and people would just use it to cheat the system.

Also, you could just like, lean over and pull out the network cable. That would take the client down too, and is not distinguishable from many, many legitimate errors.

I mean, seriously. I can’t even program and I could bind a hotkey to massively overclocking the graphics card and causing an immediate crash.

Or instead they could pull the Coax/RJ11 cable leaving the router up but the internet down.

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Hey op, do you even realise how much insight you would have to give blizzard for your system just to even (nearly) be able to detect what you’ve suggested? No thanks

other than the obvious points stated from other people above me.

The second Blizzard decides to not punish natural disconnects there will be software available that emulates a natural disconnect. Battlenet agent wouldn’t even be able to pick it up because the software doesn’t have to interact with Overwatch or any Battlenet apps making it the best exploitable feature for dodging games and would enable players to leave competitive games like they leave QP matches. Even if they added a limit on how many times you can DC from a game until you got punished majority of the players would use the maximum limit of free leaves


No. No there isn’t.

Does nothing.

That is a bunch of garbage. If you can actually figure out how to detect that, Microsoft will pay you millions to work for them, AND you’ll be in the running for a nobel prize.

Easily abusable. Lemme just write a fake log generator in python…

3 lines of code. Now I can boot myself from my internet any time I’m losing and never lose SR.

This is all highly suspect. And I mean highly.

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Blizzard isn’t going to do all this bs just because you have crappy internet. You’ve painted yourself as a genius so why don’t you just fix your own internet?


I have. On three separate occasions across all of the seasons.

I don’t play comp if I’m experiencing any lag and instead trouble shoot. Sometimes stuff happens anyway, but it’s not frequent enough for me to have spent any significant amount of time banned nor did I lose a ton of SR.

If its european server then i totally understand. Thats the most unstable server ive ever seen in my life. Since i started to play on the american server, i havent got DC’d once.

They can tell whether you pressed leave or not. They cannot tell whether you intentionally unplugged it or not. Beyond that, they don’t want you to just refuse to troubleshoot and continously connect to comp when you know your internet is acting up. Once in a season is stuff happens, repeated problems is negligence.

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Then how about this, you get disconnect try to log back in but hey the launcher also disconnected. You attempt to log back into the launcher and it tells you that login might take some time. So you wait 3 mins to finally get in just to see you lost 50sr and got suspended. For being literally unable to rejoin because of server failure. Happend to me many times last season and i have seen multiple people getting disconnected at once in many games during this time. Guess what they still got punished.

If both the launcher and the game client are disconnected, that means it is not just any one game server having a problem. The launcher communicates with the authentication server, which is a completely separate IP address from that of the game’s management server (what I call the lobby server) or the game server of a specific match. In fact, depending on where you connect, the Blizzard Authentication Server can be in a completely different geographical location from that of a game server. So if you are losing connection from both the game client and the Blizzard BattleNet Launcher, that is a problem with your connection somewhere between you and Blizzard’s services, and not a problem on their end.

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