Being punished for natural disconnects is unreasonable and can be worked around

I am so tired of being suspended and losing rank cause OW has one of the worst connection detection codes I’ve run into. There are MANY ways to tell if someone disconnected due to a internet hiccup or if they disconnected in rage.

  1. Categorize by whether or not they pressed the leave game button. Really simple check.

  2. What if they alt-f4/crash?” Detect an interrupt to game connection but they still have connection to blizzard app > Had to have left the game intentionally or crashed. Have the game scan for a log file that is generated on crash. No file, no crash. Some really simple coding here.

  3. What if they remove the Ethernet cable / wifi?” There is software embedded in all OSs that can can be called to detect if there is a cable or valid network connected. If they disconnect, check to see if there is still a network. If not, then they scummed.

  4. What if the person takes a bit to get internet back, but are still trying?” Upon a disconnect, log attempts to reconnect to a game clientside. When they get internet back, have OW check to see if there are logs. If there are, then let the person attempt to reconnect. If it’s too late, then they obviously tried and shouldn’t be punished. If there are no reconnect logs, then they didn’t try and deserve the suspend.

There are many other ways to correctly determine whether or not someone has legitimately “left” the game. The current methods in place are NOT sufficient enough to determine the validity of a suspension and had led to many incorrect suspensions across competitive games. I myself have run into quite a few of the last few days recently where the game would crash upon joining a match and it would lead to a suspension.

Before anyone here says “It’s not that easy,” yeah it is that easy. I’ve been coding for 9 years and it really is that easy. All it takes is some creative thinking and clever checks and it would save a ton of frustration I’m sure a lot of people here experience.


Yes please. Being kicked from a comp game because my WiFi decided to be a dick today is the most frustrating things. Especially since I still get punished if I join back.

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You are clearing missing the point. I, as your team mate, couldn’t give a single F to wether you dc’d on purpose or by accident. In either case, I don’t want players like you ruin my and my team’s experience and I’m glad the system punishes players like you.

Just fix your #&$!!


So you mean to tell me, you’ve NEVER had your internet disconnect randomly and you throw your hands up in the air cause you know you just lost rank?


I can count how many disconnects I’ve had on one hand probably since I’ve started playing OW. Fix your internet or don’t play competitive at all if you know you’re probably going to DC.


But you have had disconnects. Therefore you’ve run into this issue too.


What if power went out? It is certainly not my fault for that, as it can happen to anyone.

I do agree with this thread tho. Not because I “could” get out of some situations, but because I find it unfair that wifi does something like that. I could have the perfect internet in the world(God, bless Romania for AT LEAST having good internet) but it is possible that I could DC at any time.


Yep, but I’m not going to blame blizzard because of my own internet.


But that’s just it, a player can’t control when their internet is going to hiccup nor can they control when the game is going to crash, but good scripting can determine what happens when it does.

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My internet didn’t even go out but I got an SR punishment and a ban because I couldn’t get into the comp. match I joined. Never got in it. Why am i punished as a leaver when… something on Blizz’ end was preventing me from getting into the game?


Why would they do this, you get banned for a certain time, you can guarantee people will buy a new account just to play again while main account is banned, equals more money for them.
Yes its simple but from a money making position its not worth it.
They know what countries and isp’s have unstable connections, they know they have issues within their own client servers, but its not their fault as usual when people crash out, its always the person and their isps.
Why go to trouble of sorting it out when its about the money in the end.

Why are penalties still applied for those who have legitimate malfunctions?

The penalty is applied to all technical malfunction to make sure players stop playing Competitive play without fixing their problem. Anyone who is ignorant to fix their issues can be considered just as guilty as an actual leaver. This is why the penalty starts small at only 10 minute suspension, but will dramatically increase if they have repeating behavior of leaving games or not taking time to fix their issues.


As easy as it is to exploit it.

The only thing it should be reworked would be giving back SR upon reconnection and if that match is won, leave it as a “null”, so no loss and no gain.

Right now that is not happening.

Yer mate, hang on, I will just go into the ISP I am with and tell them how to fix the problem just so I can play OW…
Really, how stupid of a comment can you make.
Oh yer, when it rains my net goes to crap, but that’s my fault and I should get out there and dig it up to find the problem in the lines that my ISP uses right. Maybe I should tell the gods to make it stop raining too.
How about I take all the copper wires out that the Australian internet run on and put in fibre-optic, mmm There’s a thought, oh hang on, I cant, its not my ISP, so its not my fault my country still uses copper wire to the house for internet or that the roll out of NBN wireless is taking 10 more years to come to my area then other places in the country.


The rules are that if a player can successfully reconnect within two minutes from the time the server realizes they left, they are not penalized. This two minute timer is a safety measure to prevent abusive players from attempting to reconnect in an effort to recover their SR (especially in the event the rest of the team is still winning 5 versus 6).

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This is NOT TRUE. Or maybe the rule exist but it’s not working.


If the problem is on their side then I agree with this.

if it’s ISP there’s nothing they can really do. I have Centrylink and I get lag spikes here and there at 9 pm to 12 am which can hurt my rotations in FFXIV.

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I have recently had a minor disconnection in one of my matches last season, and successfuly returned within the time limit, I was not penalized. To elaborate this rule ONLY applies, if the match does not end normally or is canceled due to the fact a leaver leaves in the starting minute of that match.

I was. Although I came back very quickly, helped my team to win the match I still got -50sr.


Unless you specifically timed it, its best not to worry about it. In my experience, a disconnection often takes more than two minutes to resolve especially if you have to reboot the router. Again as a reminder the penalty starts small so that one time issues don’t significantly impact your overall progress in a season.