Being punished for natural disconnects is unreasonable and can be worked around

That does not mean you should get punished for that, especially not when you come back and see that multiple of both teams have vanished.

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Unfortunately there are many factors involved when things like a network outage affect multiple players. If there is a severe problem detected by Blizzard, they will often disable Competitive from even being played (this happens extremely rarely). Once again, the starting penalty is small at only 10 minutes and the 50 SR loss is also not a big deal as you often recover it for the next few games (as the SR and hidden MMR realign), assuming you don’t just jump right back into Competitive without verifying the problem has been resolved. Again read this post for more details on the standing policy regarding malfunctions of any kind and why the penalty system works as it does:

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I have informed myself just to find out that there is no problem with my router/ethernet, provider or blizzards end. I wasnt banned the first 2 times but i was a bit mad when i rejoined a game that we won in the end just to get the -50 and nothing for the win (the match was still going for like 8 minutes). I have had another dissconects over the week with the same issue recieving the 10 and 30 minutr ban this time. I havent played comp again for the rest of that season because as you can imagine a 200sr loss is quite big. But from friends i have heard the problem still occuring even after i stopped playing. My wifi cant lie to me as i check every time when i dc if it was my end which it wasnt and i doubt my provider would lie to me either.

Yes please, do that, so I can unplug my router and no more point loss at the end of a bad game !
Yaaaaaaay, I definitly don’t see how this system could be abused :upside_down_face:


You are wrong here. If your cable gets cut off from net (accident, power outage somewhere where ISP installed their network switch you’re connected to, etc…) it will show like missing cable and no network. Yet, player haven’t done anything wrong.

There is no way to reliably know what happened. People can just reset their router to emulate it.

If this is true, you should also know how easy it would be for players to emulate one of the “good” scenarious to leave matches without punishment.

It is important to understand that I don’t blame one’s modem or router (though I do recommend always checking that first as that is the one thing players have direct control over). In reality, a common cause of issues for disconnections is on what I call a “backbone hub”, basically one of the connecting points between you and the game server. These are frustrating when they are the cause, but you can identify the issue by doing a WinMTR test.

Nice to see you have zero clue how computers and networking works…

I’m happy if they removed the match cancels after you reconnected and told all 11 players to have a nice next game… :sweat_smile:

I used to have plenty of disconnects as well so I know how frustrating they can be. I used to play with a crappy laptop and wi-fi back in the days, but I’ve since then switched to Ethernet (for some reason my laptop couldn’t get a stable connection even with Ethernet, and that’s why I made sure I had a pc which could handle internet connection). Since then I’ve never disconnected other than the occasional server error, but on those rare cases I never lost sr, I think it got reimbursed.

If you are disconnecting try using an Ethernet cable, its super cheap so its very easy to upgrade from wi-fi and the first step towards a better setup.

If you go into competitive with an internet connection issue and aware of such a problem you must accept the sr loss that comes with it, they can’t remove the sr penalty since people could abuse such a feature and you are ruining a competitive game for 5 other people, you aren’t playing a single player game.

Try playing QP instead, that mode has backfill so at least your team won’t be as penalized and you most likely won’t accumulate enough leaves to receive an xp punishment.

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I pay for 200mbs of optic fiber and I still experience disconnects because my internet provider doesn’t care and has a monopoly.
So according to you, I should just sell my overwatch account.
If you have any ideas as to how I can fix my internet that my own provider isn’t bothering to fix (a country wide issue), then provide them genius.

I’m not sure natural disconnects should be free from being punished, however, there have been some recent disconnects due to Blizzard servers since the Archives update.

Those shouldn’t be used against the OW players but Blizzard never refund the SR when it’s on their end either, even when the servers crash 1-2 hours after a recent update (the infamous « Patch Day - No play).

I find it very silly for us to be afraid of playing competitive game right after an update but well… we all know Blizzard is an indie company…

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Yes I’ve had, but I don’t complain about it here. I’ll either fix the issue, or accept that I lost one match worth of SR (horrible, IKR?)

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There’s an option in the blizzard app to close it automatically once launching a game. This wouldn’t work.

aka, spyware. You see the problem with that right?

if the net dropped… blizzard wouldn’t see this unless again, spyware.

I get this isn’t exactly “spyware” in it’s traditional sense, but it is a very big step in that direction that would throw many people off. Just look at how people reacted to epic being able to check your steam friends list, in case you wanted to try and import contacts.

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if natural dc wasn’t punished, players would abuse it because it can’t tell the difference between them, its either everyone gets punished or nobody gets punished but that doesnt work either

its not blizzard fault for your side dcing either way

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Sometimes it is. Look at all the dc reports in the Tech Support category. Not refundable even when it’s Blizzard’s fault. Whenever the servers crash because of an update, Blizzard clients are still punished for it.

So your statement is completely wrong, it can be Blizzard’s fault but the SR loss will always be at the cost of the players, unfortunately. That’s the only part that bugs me. If it’s an ISP problem, then I don’t mind for the players to be punished as Blizzard can’t do anything about it but if it’s a Blizzard bug or server crash, clients shouldn’t be punished at all, period.

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We should talk about the famous “your rendering device has stopped working” problem that’s something more annoying.

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Yeah, especially when players purchased the latest graphic cards and get this messsage you just wrote. Must be annoying for them to have the perfect setup and yet be bothered with this crap on Overwatch only.

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It’s not fair at all and you can’t even argue that it is. What about the TONS of crashes that happen because of patches?

This season I’ve crashed because of your stupid patches at least a dozen times this season. And I’ve been punished 3 times because of it.

And it has nothing to do with my hardware, has nothing to do with my internet, and i’ve looked EVERYWHERE in your program’s logs and ain’t found a single log saying the reason for the crash. And not a SINGLE time did the game crash logger show up for me to report it.

So punishing people because of your dumb game is fine because you already have our money. Is what you’re saying?

And also, if you’re claiming they can walz right into their ISP and fix whatever issue their ISP has, I’m very concerned about your view.

Um, windows makes a log of disconnects all the time if they have a router. Because it polls the router dang near every 10 seconds when not in use. If it was using it, it will keep pinging every 5 seconds till a connection is re-established. And it will create a log of said disconnection. All major operating systems have been capable of this since the early 2000’s. Including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Yeah, it actually is. Windows already detects when there is no internet and only a connection to the router. It will log it. It even tells you. In the logs it will say when it lost internet, and what it was doing, and how long it was connected to the router, and how many tries.

You give but hole people too much credit. MOST of these people aren’t computer savvy. Most of them don’t even run a router. So if they disconnect from the router, the OS is gonna know and log there is no connection to anything. and can EASILY pass this info off to a program like OW.

Thing is the OS already makes logs of crashes and logs of internet.

And to quell other people’s statements that just Alt-F4? Um the OS logs those to.

All these logs are kept in a very public place for all programs to check. And nobody bothers to remember that the crash debugger for OW could EASILY CHECK THESE. And in MANY cases probably already does. How else would it pop up? It’s watching the machine state.

So the crash debugger can already see crash state, why not let it see network connection state? Why not already let it see how many reconnects the OS has tried to reach either a router, or Modem? Because the OS can also detect whether it is connected to a router or not.

Every OS has been able to detect internet problems since the Early 2000’s. If not the late 90’s.

yeah, that’s the problem. Blizzard wouldn’t just be checking your friends list. They would be checking files in your personal computer that don’t pertain to overwatch directly.