Being permanently banned for the dumbest reason

most of the EULAS and ToS can’t be held up in court here either, if a company decided to ban someone from their product that they paid money for without a valid reason, thats theft and they would sooner unban them than go to court over it.

It’s not… it’s PEGI 12, so 12 and up…

In my opinion it depends totally on what is said.

People are reporting other players for saying “gg”, grouping with certain people, picking a different hero and so on, that’s being way too sensitive.

It’s the internet, everyone isn’t going to join hands and sing kumbaya together, having that said, you should ofc expect not to be blatantly harassed online and so on, but at times people really have to get a thicker skin.

If saying “gg”, using a voice line after they kill you, an emote or simply losing a game will make you angry, take a break from this… or any online game for a while.

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13+. Nice try buddy.


I love that remix, sometimes it pops up in my playlist when I’m at work lol

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Well you can complain about that when you vote Blizzard into government because that’s the only forum where you have 1st amendment freedom of speech rights.

I shouldnt have to hear the toxicity in the first place

Stop blaming the victim

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How has this thread not been locked yet? You aren’t meant to discuss bans on the forums as it’s in direct violation of the ToS for these forums.

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Because people that play this game want a safe space and free from all perceived negativity. It’s pathetic. A buddy of mine got a 3 week banned for saying “Ez ccum ez go” for being sexual and not even realizing its southern slang? The SJW people wanted censorship of all kinds. They even want teebag to be bannable. You can’t talk to the mental ill. In fact i miss spelled tea and bag because it’s no longer allowed to be typed on the forums. Look how pathetic the community has become.

Also look at the community teaming up on you and name calling you. Just by a false notion of justification. They don’t even see the hypocrisy. Community is a joke simple as that. Find a new game

I have no sympathy for you.

You are a bucket mouth who refuses to take accountability for his actions and is oblivious to a simple measure of respect towards other people.

There could have been a dozen other ways for you to handle your frustration in game - but you chose to act like a spoiled child who’s parent taught you how to behave in public. If you cannot understand that, then somebody should take the time to draw it our for you in crayon so you can understand.

So now you are banned. Good! The game will be all the better for it.


But don’t you think if all he’d said was ‘gg’, he’d be here telling us that?

Like I understand you’re trying to extend the benefit of the doubt here, but it would take a LOT of reports to get permabanned, and you can always submit a ticket to have it reviewed by actual humans too. I once got banned from the forums because I was arguing with someone about LGBT issues and they had all their friends report me because they were homophobic and didn’t like being told they were wrong - I sent in a ticket explaining the situation, it was reviewed and my account was cleared. It’s not like they just permaban people on automated systems and do nothing about it, but I’m sure plenty of guys would rather think that’s how things go down than admit that their behavior isn’t acceptable.


Because these people also paid 60$ to have an enjoyable game experience and having a random stranger say toxic things to them isnt what they paid for?


You don’t get a permaban for saying GG, they have humans handle more severe cases. Bet.

Maybe in the EU, in the US a business has a right to refuse service if you’ve been harassing their guests. In fact, they can refuse service for any non-discriminatory reason, and discrimination is applied to things like sex and race, not things like your views on harassment.

I feel like in the EU, they’d probably just have to give him a refund but would still be able to permanently ban him. That’s what I was told years ago by someone at any rate, might be different now.

18+ players would be grown adults

Grown adults are people in control of their actions, if you’ve been permanently banned for this then you clearly are not and therefore should not be playing this game.


Well, first off, this game is not Rated 18+

It has a ESRB rating of Teen or Pegi 12 — depending on your region.

So — if you don’t mind my asking — what was it that you said?


Well, sooner or later this is going to get locked because you are violating the ToS.

As for your ban though, you admit to be toxic, and you got banned for it. Yeah, they won’t unban you based on what you did and how you plea. If you are falsely banned and gives sufficient evidences that supports you, then they will unban you.

Otherwise, you are going to spend another $60 if you want to return. So far, only cheaters got system lock ban, and you having another account is fine. At least on the new ones you can try and main new heroes you never have the chance of trying to master.

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This game account has been flagged numerous times, with several verified breaches to the Code of Conduct. This toxicity and negative behavior is unacceptable. Furthermore, Overwatch is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and has a PEGI 12 rating in the UK and Europe. Lastly, I’m locking this topic. I encourage you to refrain from this type of behavior to avoid future account suspension, and more importantly, to be respectful to your fellow players.