Being permanently banned for the dumbest reason

First thing is this. I understand why I was banned for being toxic, but I don’t understand why I was permanently banned for saying words. Also this game is 18+ is it not, yeah sure other ages play it, but tell me this. Why do I get banned for talking how and what I want to teenagers and GROWN adults and they get butt hurt? Sure they report me, but it’s obvious they don’t give a single crap about what people say. If they really do get offended they could easily just 1. Block me 2. Do ./hidechat 3. Turn off team/match chat 4. Mute me, but no they report me because they can’t handle words they don’t even care about? From a completely RANDOM PERSON THEY HAVE NEVER MET. But when people are toxic to me and it triggers me to fire back they don’t get anything and I get stuck wasting my $60 on this game that I paid for and have been spending literally 9+ hours a day for my summer vacation. I wish to be un-banned for these reason and will mark my words never be toxic again. KFCButter#1713.


Sorry you were banned. But honestly, the vibe I’m getting from this, “I’m sorry you don’t like what I said!”

Kinda failing to acknowledge that you are (clearly, by punishment) the problem in this instance. Not the people who reported you.

How about, instead of forcing people to jump through hoops to deal with your behavior, you just don’t do the bad behavior?


If they really do get offended they could easily just 1. Block me 2. Do ./hidechat 3. Turn off team/match chat 4. Mute me,

Or report you, which they did…


You are obviously not innocent if it goes this far and lands you a permanent ban.

However, people are also very sensitive nowadays.


…that’s all you had to say. No need to continue, and no one on the forums can help you. You have to submit an appeal with support.


We can not help you here, we are not GMs contant the support and see if they can do something, but Im going to be honest your chances are slim.


This whole “sensitive” business is such a stupid excuse.

Stop being toxic online. Stop being mean. It’s not hard to be a decent human being and this doesn’t just stop when you go online. You make people feel bad, you ruin win chances, and you are outing yourself as a giant d-bag, all just because you can’t take out your rage at something that’s not alive.

Be nice. Play nice. Anything else, you get reported and you deserve anything thrown your way.


tbh more players deserve the punishment you got


Ironic because I’ve seen someone complain on the forums (not OP of this thread, but one a while back) complaining about how he was banned because his teammates were “sensitive”

I reported him for throwing the “N” word around repeatedly, telling me to kill myself, that my mother should get cancer, etc. And he’s trying to act like he wasn’t that out of line, and that the “sensitive” people are the problem. So it was really funny that he was on the forums trying to make a case that he wasn’t the problem lmao.

Sorry. Clearly enough people, from enough backgrounds and demographics, found their behavior crappy. Something is the common denominator :thinking: lol


People agreeing to terms of service then getting banned when they break them and whining about it never stops being funny


Nah man, you were banned for the exact right reason.

Don’t want to be banned? Don’t be toxic. Don’t expect other people to work around your toxicity.

Also, you’d have to be banned due to MULTIPLE other reports resulting in suspensions. If not then you were banned for saying really sh*tty things to people, and that’s not okay.

Sorry, not sorry. You get what you give.


kinda like Alex Jones…

had to be said.


sounds as though Blizzard got it right. I Never understood the toxic outburst over a game.


Good for you and this community. Good for you to learn this lesson and good for this community to not have to deal with your bs anymore. Go buy another copy and be a good boy.


dude it’s rated teen, it’s not rated Adult Only

Keep your mouth clean and you’ll be fine


It’s not


I think a lot of you are missing the point. He doesn’t sound like he’s appealing the reason he got banned, but instead questioning the system that’s in place. I believe he’s well aware that it’s Blizzard’s platform and they can enforce anything they want.

But with that said, since the game has tools in place to avoid players, their comms/chat/etc, is global punishment of the player themselves really reasonable? Generally speaking if people don’t like something they simply ignore it, but in OW the system is that if people don’t like you they report you instead and then the game mutes you instead of the users. I can agree that users have responsibility for their actions, but I think others also have the responsibility to be able to listen to someone if they want to or not.


these are my favorite kinds of threads

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How can you be permanently banned for being toxic and still manage to blame others? How about you do a little bit of introspection instead of continuing to lash out at others?


Tbh I only play this game to report people. It’s more fun than the game at this point to get those juicy popups. I just casually go about my business playing but I’m waiting for people to step out of line so I can report. It’s meta pvp. And it’s way more invigorating than Mercywatch.