BCRF Event drops


By the way, when I logged on it popped up on the screen saying I had gotten it, I then had to navigate to the spray section to equip it.


You get them in bulks. They just don’t instantly come up.

QueenE explained it all if yall really watched. They are going to give it to us in waves. Kinda like how they do the ban waves sometimes. They just save up several bans and do them all at once.

So same thing. They’ll build up a certain number and give everyone that meets the criteria all at once.


I got all my sprays (up to tier 4) but haven’t received my player icon.


I have received 2 of the sprays (Cure and Ribbon) and it didn’t notify me on the game or on twitch. Just saying in case people are waiting and haven’t checked.


Yep. I think it might drop later but just in case it’s not dropping for anybody I know.

Edit: person deleted the post I replied to.

(Tom Powers) #27

If your preferred Blizzard account is linked to your preferred Twitch account, rest assured that your Overwatch viewership hours are being tracked. In-game rewards will be granted to accounts in batches.

More details here. We appreciate your support! :+1:

People who didn't get OWL Sprays, gather here
People who didn't get OWL Sprays, gather here

I’ve never received any OWL rewards in the past so I decided to actually try everything and see if I could fix my Blizz/Twitch issues this time. I finally got it working and received the 1st tier reward exactly at the 2 hour mark (edit: maybe some crazy coincidence??). Hope this helps someone.

A checklist:

  • link bnet and twitch
  • enable all cookies incl. 3rd party for twitch
  • enable all JS for twitch
  • disable all browser extensions incl. ad blockers, privacy extensions
  • restart browser
  • log into twitch
  • make sure status set to “Online” once stream opened (seems OK if it later goes to “Away” if tab is out-of-focus)
  • make sure stream/tab not muted (v.low volume okay)


Thanks blue, any word why we haven’t gotten the pink mercy icon? Is that being worked on?


Mr. Powers, any status to the Player Icon not paying out? I know this is under investigation by you guys but wish to know if this is going to require us to watch more streaming hours or not. I have acquired all 4 sprays however.


The Pink Icon is bugged man.


I’m having issues with twitch linking my account. I know twitch is authorized but I don’t see my account under connections and trying to ‘connect’ brings up a popup window that closes immediately after. Is this an issue with blizzard or twitch?


This might be a Twitch related issue, however, I would recommend checking for any ad-blockers that may interfere with this.

Full Guide: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/66385


Yeah, as others have said, I too have gotten the sprays but not the icon.


Dude, we can’t get our Pink Icon. Please fix. We all have the sprays.


I’ve received all the sprays for the event, but haven’t got the Pink Icon too.


Same, has anyone gotten that player icon yet? Like what’s going on with that?


As a Canadian, do I have to answer some weird skill question first like with OWL?


I just checked and I have them now (watched the stream yesterday). Notably, I didn’t have to turn off ad blockers or anything else beyond linking my Blizzard account to my Twitch account, I think if it shows “drops enabled” that means you’re good.


The drops have arrived for tier 3 reward and received the cure spray, but the ‘pink’ icon did not unlock.


Same here! I got everything but the player icon.