Banning by reports is disgusting


I mean, it is a design flaw but how does it work out that refusing to play characters you hate playing is a bannable offense? Why is refusing to be treated like crap by people who are being selfish brats a bannable offense again?

Before I upgraded, the only character I could play was Torb because of how poor my framerates were. That’s now a bannable offense too.

Every character should be viable on every map, in both attack and defense, in any team comp, with few, rare exceptions in either direction. Team Fortress 2, an 11 year old game, should not have better design than Overwatch.


Well tracer now is cause of brig and genji is an iffy pick so your wish is already true.


I agree with the OP and I could prove them right with my personal experiences, but I won’t do it because last time I did that I got suspended from the forums for discussing disciplinary actions.

In any case, the report system is horrifically bad. It hasn’t done anything to reduce toxicity. Instead it just gave toxic people a means to get off meta players banned.


Show me where Blizz said character switching is mandatory, and that not-switching is punishable.

Because I have multiple examples where they specifically said it is not.


A team based game shouldn’t criticize you for picking heroes that aren’t really viable? Sorry, but I would report you too. The only silly thing is that you cannot “legitimately” report someone that picks only situational heroes, which by the way, is poor teamwork/gameplay sabotage.


And you would be filing a false report. You even know it is a false report with the quotes around “legitimately,” and yet you still admit to doing it. You should be banned.

And no, it is not gameplay sabotage to pick situational characters.


I’m saying it should be. Why should a team based game focus around 1 player not willing switch after being asked to do so? You know, to help the team. Everyone has to do their part, and it is such a flaw by saying they cannot be punished for basically making the team fight 5v6 in a lot of situations. This is exactly why I want Torb and Symmetra (Bastion too) to be viable in more situations, so this exact issue can be avoided.


I don’t see “should” anywhere. I see where you said you “would,” followed by your own definition of gameplay sabotage that Blizzard doesn’t share.


You completely misunderstand. “I would too” because if you refuse to switch, you put a greater percentage of the loss in the comp game by picking a hero like Torb on a control map for instance after your team(not saying all the time) clearly asked you to switch. With the way they have it now, I say it should be punishable, when it isn’t.

A definition I follow isn’t shared by Blizzard, of course not because they would receive incredible back lash from their players. They don’t want that, so they have to remove statements from the definition to fit along with all of their other games and even stay on par with competitors.


Um blizzard dosent need to prove anything, it is their game and they can do whatever they want with it. They could say that anyone who is called Brian is not allowed to play and it would still be in their right, so no you got nothing they can do whatever they want


They can’t do anything, really. They can do a lot, but as soon as they change one of the policies to make it more fair, the community will chew them out.


So? They can still do it, which is my point


They won’t simply for the fact of the fear of back lash. They could release a 5 paragraph response as to why they thought it was reasonable and people would pull apart the entire thing, twist their words and make them look like villains. Any major gaming community would do that.


Pfft yeah and then two.months later they would have forgotten and the company would be right back to the same old.tricks your faith in “gaming communities” is laughable


Even when I have people threatening to report me and encouraging others to report me for playing Sym* I have never been actioned by Blizzard, never had a timeout in-game or even a silence. I have on the forums, but that was mostly my fault. As with most posts of this nature, I feel like we are not getting the whole story here… “playing torb and sym” is definitely not the whole story.

*have not had this issue since the rework/endorsement system/surge of “fake” positivity


First you say you “would” false report for character choice, and now you “would” false report for not switching?

Should =/= would.


OP is a torb/Sym 2 trick in competitive

The mystery has been solved


Right now Blizz is saying people named Brian can play. But if people report you for being named Brian you’ll get auto-banned anyway.

It’s a problem with enforcement. Not policy.


I’m not disagreeing with you completely, I believe you’re right. A lot of gaming companies will push new policies to help repair the community/draw in more people. The difference is, I believe with some companies, that they will do something, rather than they can do something. It depends on how the company looks at their community.


well his win rate is about 50% so its not like hes throwing all of his matches.