Attempting to fix OW1

First I’m going to start off with a summary since this will be a long one
Since this one is really long and has taken me hours I’d greatly appreciate if you guys could give feedback!

  • Balance needs to be more fun (and my suggestions for every single hero, a lot of which are from the april fools patch)
  • 2CP needs a rework
  • A map vote, but still luck based

The reason it’s important we start to add changes like this is due to the delay of OW2.

Balance changes for OW1


Nano boost

  • Boosting an ally will also boost ana
  • Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 25% for both ana and the boosted target
  • Move speed for nano boosted and ana targets increased by 30%


  • No longer starts running automatically as BOB is activated
  • Ashe can now ride BOB, however BOBs damage is reduced from 112 damage per second to 55 damage per second.
  • BOBs move speed is reduced from 15 metres per second to 8.5 metres per second
  • BOBs health is reduced from 1200 health to 900 health

Immortality field

  • Name changed to Bounce Field
  • Radius reduced from 6.5m to 4.5m
  • Now forces enemies inside the field upwards 8m continuously until outside of the field
  • Cooldown reduced to 15s
  • Duration reduced from 5s to 3s

New E ability: Ganymede

  • Upon pressing E, bastions gains first person view, as if bastion is ganymede themself.
  • Bastion can control ganymede flying
  • What ganymede can see is revealed to the team
  • Ganymede can be used while in sentry or recon form


  • Damage reduction reduced from 20% to 10%

Shield bash

  • Range increased from 6.85m to 12m
  • Can now be aimed in any direction
  • Stun duration reduced from 0.75s to 0.4s


  • Move speed bonus increased from 118% to 177%
  • Duration reduced from 2s to 1.3s
  • Cooldown reduced from 4s to 3.5s

Self Destruct

  • Knockback increased by 350%

Fusion canons

  • Spread reduced by 25%
  • Damage reduced from 0.6-2 to 0.6-1.6

Rocket punch

  • Wall impact damage reduced from 50-150 to 25-50
  • Stun duration reduced from 0.5s to 0.2s

Rising uppercut

  • Recovery time reduced from 0.35 to 0.05s
  • Damage reduced from 50 to 25

Seismic Slam

  • Maximum damage reduced from 125 to 100
  • Max range increased from 15m to 22m

Hand Cannon

  • Spread reduced by 90%
  • Bullets disintegrate after 11m
  • Falloff removed
  • Damage per shot reduced from 1.8-6 to 1.5-5.7

Meteor strike

  • Duration is now infinite
  • Damage decreases by 10% every second after 4 seconds


  • Ultimate cost decreased by 20%
  • Ultimate duration increased from 15s to 22s
  • Ultimates charge up 30% slower while in duplicate form

Wall Climb

  • Now lasts forever
  • Can now climb from any angle (I.e he can climb upside down), including roofs, however genji cannot stop moving otherwise he will fall.

Secondary fire

  • Damage per shuriken reduced from 29 to 28.5

Storm Bow

  • Damage per shot reduced from 27.2-125 to 27.2-80
  • Charge up time reduced from 0.75s to 0.6s
  • Recovery reduced from 0.5s to 0.1s

New Ability: Custom arrows (Replaces storm arrow)

  • Upon pressing E, hanzo gets to choose from 3 different arrows
  • Ice arrow, Flame Arrow, Explosive arrow
  • Pressing E changes the arrow chosen
  • Cooldown is 7s
  • Ice arrow freezes the enemy for 0.8s, direct hit is the normal 80 damage
  • Flame arrow sets the player on fire, dealing 50 damage overtime, direct hit arrow deals 80 damage
  • Explosive arrow creates an 5m radius explosion, direct hit arrow deals 40 damage, Explosion deals 30-100 damage.

Total Mayhem: Removed

New Passive: Treasure

  • Upon dying, junkrat drops treasure, if the allied team picks up his treasure they gain a 10% of their health as extra for 5s for each team mate that picks up his treasure. E.g, a soldier picks up treasure, the soldier gains 20 armor.


  • Now reveals enemies to your team

Wall ride

  • Now works on any angled surface, including roofs (I.e he can wall ride upside down)

Combat Roll

  • Now works in the air
  • Distance increased by 100%
  • Cooldown increased from 6s to 10s
  • Can roll in any direction


  • No longer limited to 1 tumbleweed

  • Health reduced from 225 to 200
  • Hitbox size reduced by 20%

Moved to the tank role

  • Health increased from 250 to 400
  • Hitbox size increased by 25%

Ice wall

  • Cooldown reduced from 12s to 11s

New Passive: Silver surfer

  • Spraying freeze on the ground now gains mei a 25% movement speed increase while mei is on the ice.

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Guardian Angel

  • Can now target enemies


  • Now goes in any direction

New E ability: Clone (Replacing Biotic Orb)

  • Summons a moira clone which does exactly what moira does, looks undead, lasts 4 seconds
  • The clone does 70% of moiras damage and 50% of moiras healing.
  • Forward run speed increased by 40%

  • Team mates can now ride Orisa

  • Shield health increased by 100
  • Health decreased by 100

Rocket launcher

  • Now has falloff damage, starting at 30m, ending at 40m
  • At max range, rockets deal 50% damage
  • No longer takes self damage

Hover Jets

  • Vertical speed decreased from 4.27m/s to 3.5m/s

Jump Jet

  • Can now be aimed in any direction

Wraith form

  • Now grants flight for it’s duration

New Alternate fire: Smoke Grenades

  • Projectile speed is 20m/s
  • Arcs similar to baptistes healing grenade
  • Blinds enemies within a 2m radius
  • Costs all ammo
  • Damage is 50-120


  • Now interacts with surfaces similar to rocket punch
  • Can now be cancelled

Chain Hook

  • Now has two options, grapple mode and grab mode
  • Interact to switch between modes
  • Grapple mode has a 10 second cooldown
  • Works similar to widowmakers grappling hook
  • Range reduced from 20m to 15m

New Ability: Float (Replaces Kinetic Grasp)

  • Cooldown is 10 seconds
  • Sigma is no longer bound by gravity
  • Duration is 4 seconds

Experimental Barrier

  • Cooldown reduced from 2s to 0.5s


  • Shield health increased from 100 to 150
Soldier 76

Helix Rocket

  • Self Knockback increased by 50%

Biotic Field

  • Healing per second increased from 35 to 55 for allies
  • Cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s
  • Biotic field station radius is now more visually clear so it is easier to see
  • Radius increased from 4.5m to 6m
  • Self Healing reduced from 35 to 30 healing per second

Heavy Pulse Rifle

  • Damage reduced from 20 to 19


  • Movement speed bonus increased from 65% to 150%
  • Can now fly while in stealth form
  • Can now walk on walls while in stealth form


  • No longer lasts for an infinite amount of time
  • Now starts cooldown instantly upon placing teleporter

New alternative ultimate: Shield Generator

  • Gives 80 shields to all allies within a 40m radius
  • Lasts until destroyed
  • Shield generator has 200 shield health, 100 health
  • Press crouch to change between ultimates

Photon Projector (Secondary fire)

  • Now has self knockback
  • Up to 7m range knockback
  • Projectile speed increased from 25 to 40 metres per second
  • Projectile size decreased by 20%

New E ability: Armor packs

  • Can throw out armor which gives 75 armor to allies
  • Requires 50 scrap to throw out an armor pack
  • Gaining scrap is like the opposite of zaryas energy mechanic. Dealing damage to enemies gains scrap


  • Number of blinks reduced from 3 to 2


  • Creates a mini black hole at the point where tracer recalled
  • Has a 4m radius
  • Lasts 1 second
  • Deals 50 damage overtime

Grappling hook

  • Can now hold onto a surface and stay there
  • Release ability 1 button to move towards the targeted location

Tesla Cannon

  • Damage per second increased from 60 to 75
  • Damage per second decreases by 5 for every target attached, then stops decreasing after 3 targets are attached

Primal rage

  • Melee damage increased from 40 to 50

  • Barrier health reduced from 700 to 600

Wrecking Ball

Grappling claw

  • Can now be attached onto enemies

New passive: Eject!

  • Upon being killed, wrecking ball ejects out of his mech
  • New E ability, self destruct: This will kill the wrecking ball, but at the same time deal 150 damage to enemies within a 3m radius, casting time is 1s
  • Wrecking ball has a small pistol which does 30 damage per shot, with a 0.4 recovery time
  • Has 10 ammo

Secondary fire

  • Self knockback increased by 100%
  • Can now levitate for up to 5 seconds by holding Jump
  • Goes up to 10m

2CP Rework (Credits to GreyFalcon for the idea)

So what if 2CP was converted into 5CP Push maps?
This would be a great way to bring back Horizon/Paris so they’re more bareable to play. It’s extra maps without having to create a bunch of new maps! (Here’s the thread)

Map Vote

  • Before the match begins, a map vote takes place, you will have a screen of maps to pick from.
  • Once the voting ends, a random selection will be made
  • If for example 4 people pick Illios, then there will be a 4/12 chance of getting Illios.

Please let me know if there’s any other suggestions you would like me to add to this thread.

Thanks for reading!
Since some of you are missing the point of the thread:

I dont even care if all my balance ideas suck, heck that isn’t even the main point of the thread. I was just bored and decided to throw in some examples of what “fun” balance COULD look like.

the main point of this thread is to consider:

  • Balance needs to go into “fun” direction
  • Map vote
  • 2cp rework

I laughed when I saw 5cp because that mode is ripped out of tf2 and it wasn’t great in TF2 either.

Good luck with 5cp. Sounds absolutely awful in overwatch. Flankers just speeding to the point to cap behind and win the game, what a terrible mode


Yeah, I don’t think 5cp would work in OW2. TF2 is 12v12 so it’s at least playable in that game.

D.Va has a small pistol. Hammond would have a smol pistol :gun:

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It’s also playable due to the game being even higher mobility and having better defensive tools (turrets, stickies, even just a demo spamming GL) than overwatch.

overwatch has 6 people, soon to be 5, trying to deal with 2 points to attack / defend at once

Even worse than 2cp? Horizon/Paris?
I’m not exactly suggesting it to be amazing just better than the current 2cp ruleset.

Would you have any suggestions to improve 2cp otherwise? (Keep in mind this thread is for anyones ideas)

Eh, that’s kinda tough to decide lmao

I can imagine 5cp having a hard meta based on mobile heroes, since switching between offence and defence is crucial.

Like in TF2 5cp 6s, the pro meta has always been 2 Soldiers, 2 Scouts, 1 Demo and 1 Medic, since these are the most generalist classes. Everything else is just situational since they’re not that flexible & mobile.


I like most of these ideas. Tho a question:

How would she be able to choose it? Double pressing Q changes the axis of Photon Barrier pre-deployment.

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Good point, thank you for the reminder. That’s actually a difficult one because interact destroys her teleporter. Maybe crouch?

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Yea that could work.

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Unironically, if you replace the whole balance team with dudes like you, the game might be good


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ok if you’re going to do this, it really needs to have better effective range. like even if you manage to use it as an escape (assuming you don’t need full charge to get the self knockback to escape), that’d easily make sym get herself out of her own effective range even if she’s just trying to kill someone with orbs and that’d probs happen unintentionally.
e.g. their effective range rn is like around 15m or less. you knock them back, drastically orbs are a lot more inconsistent to land because enemies can much more easily dodge them and she’s got nothing on them while they probs have something on her (i.e. they probs have longer effective range or at least better poke range).

up it’s projectile speed. reduce the orb size if needed, but mainly up it’s projectile speed. do that then it’s effective range is longer because it’s more aimable in more ranges, and it’d finally have something actually worth justifying why it has a sniper-tier low fire rate.

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No let it rest in peace.

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oh heck no

Winston does not need this much damage, maybe if you remove his armor or bubble as a compensation nerf :joy:


Done! Thanks for the feedback! That definitely makes sense tho :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I reduced his barrier health from 700 to 600 just now :slight_smile: (Feel like that buff is a bit unneeded now anyways) Do you think that’s enough? Keep in mind every other heroes getting a solid fun buff.


His name is scout tyvm

I’ll comment and probably change some numbers tomorrow (it’s really late) but just to clarify the damage decreases overtime, doesn’t increase (doom ult).

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It’s not a TF2 style 5CP.
It’s an OW2 style Push map type, which just so happens to have 5CPs.

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Now that would be a nightmare. A 400HP hero with a size a bit larger than that if current Mei, with hard - CC on her primary and a get - out - of jail ability on cool down…

I really can’t find anything else that’s offensive though in all the balance changes…

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My own take isn’t so much about balancicg heroes but overall a Huge QoL updates megathread. Please check it out and share your ideas too, in hopes that the devs someday read them.

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