Armor nerfed, D.Va nerfed, Rally nerfed, Reaper buffed



D.Va’s matrix now has 2 second cooldown instead of 1 second

Rally armor now lasts only 30 seconds

Armor no longer reduces by 5 but by 3 instead

Reaper’s lifesteal increased from 30% to 50%


OOOOOF WAT nononono please be a troll ._.


What r u srs don’t be playin



May the Reapening BEGIN!
Best Reaper patch to date.


inb4 reaper is still the least picked hero in the game


It is time for my boy the Reaper to shine!


I chose a great day to visit the forums.


Brigs like that one roach that just won’t die lol.

I saw D.Va’s nerf coming

Armor being nerfed is strange, but nerfs most tanks, so it helps kill GOATS

Reaper is now scary.


Seems like i’ll be playing reaper more

Also, that reaper buff will be a huge indirect nerf to Bastion. Just sayin’


So they buffed his reaping again ._. Instead of Shadow Step… I’m losing hope D:


So… basically… Blizzard is going for Beyblade 2.0, or something? Sure seems that way


Goats is C A N C E L L E D


This will be a kind of sneaky buff to Hammond as he doesn’t have armor at all. So all of the other main tanks got nerfed, but not him.


doesn’t he have 100 armor?

winston has the same amount too


LOL, of course they only did something about GOATS with OWL S2 coming soon, before that they couldn’t care less.


I can see nerfing D.Va, but not like this. They made her even more of a dps which was everyone’s problem with her.


Tank ability nerfed? Armor ability nerfed?? Armor nerfed??? Reaper buffed???!!! It’s reaping time.


Oh yeah, you’re right. For some reason I thought he was 700 health 0 armor. Maybe that was like an early version.


Neither of those heroes needed a nerf, especially when you see the buff to Reaper along with the nerf to armor. But I guess now the forums will be happy they’ve knocked another 2 heroes down to low tier picks.

Suppose it’s a good thing I’ve decided to pick up Zarya and Pharah recently. Reaper can’t hurt me if he can’t get near me without the threat of being melted.

Overall I think putting all those changes out at once is a huge mistake. We’ll never know which ones really did something to the meta or state of heroes if it ever needs to be reverted when people realize how awful they are. And the fact it makes tanks weaker than they were ever thought to be before.