Anyone saw this upcoming OWL videos?

So OWL showed up earlier today that we’ll see at 06:30 AM BST some new unseen OW2 pro footage from Super and 2 Fuel pro players, one for DPS and another one for Support.
This videos never ended up showing up and in fact, they deleted anything related to it.

Am I going crazy again? Did I just got a deja vu and all of a sudden this will be uploaded in 4 weeks?
I’m starting to feel really really tired with everything related to OW because of this kind of bs.

Edit: They released them 24 hours later.


Same. It didn’t even appear in my watch history.


Nope. Y’aint crazy. Proto IV even has screenshots of em. I think they leaked earlier than they should have and went yoinks when they realized it :stuck_out_tongue:


I can in fact confirm that this is real they were originally gonna premiere the video but a few minutes before it was going to premiere they set the video to private.


yeah 100% even found a link on twitter about it, looks like they actually privated the videos

the player POVs were
and someone else

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Jecse for Support Role.

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Update: They finally released them!

More footage of pros playing deathmatch.

Havana with no changes except being nighttime. IDK chief