Another interview with Jeff Kaplan


I mean, that’s pretty blatantly not true.

Not to mention a lot of y’all just take rework to mean “full revert except with an E” as if they’re any more likely to do that.


My favorite part about the interview that will get glossed over on here (and often does) was

“has. I think all of the feedback is valuable. It’s how you process the feedback. I think solely focusing on forum feedback is not the correct avenue. In general, the forums for example — if people agree with something or think something is well-balanced or super fun, they don’t make a forum post about that. They’re in the game playing. They tend to make forum posts about things they disagree with”

I swear people come on here and think that what they see on here IS how everyone feels about a subject…when that actually couldn’t be any further from the truth


Why on earth would I waste my time doing that. Just a bunch of people spamming the same ideas over and over.


She literally pointed that out, keep being oblivious.

Blissful ignorance


no, it’s not about speaking what you want, she’s just being obnoxious. Even at the start, when Kaplan misspoke with “abilities”, she felt the need to point that out in a fairly rude way. I can’t finish the video at the moment, but hopefully the entire thing isn’t like this.



this isn’t true in the slightest theres a lot of posts with detailed ways of changing it up more.


It is.


And I doubt whomever it is for will enjoy it either. But sure, I mean, if you don’t want your message heard, by all means, keep acting like a brat.


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couldn’t you just give link on interview, instead of… this.


I can’t watch the video right now. Will check it out later. Trying to reserve judgement until then.

I think it is important to note, the devs are almost certainly aware of the feedback and general concensus on the forums from mercy mains. They may or may not be doing something on the back end that we do not know about based on feed back, internal testing, or other various metrics we’re nit privy to.

That’s not to try and downplay anyone’s feelings towards how they feel they have been treated. I think it’s important perspective to keep in mind however, that if any changes are coming to drastically change Mercy again, it will likely still be awhile.


And there are a lot of posts that just amount to “pls revert thx” :man_shrugging:


you spamming this in all the mercy threads isn’t constructive.


It’s important that we hear everyone who wishes to speak, but the only voices that matter are the ones with something to say. The opinion of the silent majority is just a concept that people use to claim that they have majority support for their own ideas by putting words in the mouths of those who do not speak.


Naw, then it wouldnt be toxic and condescending. Also its from 8 months ago, not very relevant to the current state of the game.


I liked it since she was right about all of it. The devs are hypocritical, they dictate what people can and cannot say, they allow the mods of these forums to delete anything they personally don’t like and suspend people for calling them out on it, they forced every Mercy thread into the dumpster mega thread unless it was someone asking for her to be in a bikini for summer games.


saw the video, saw who made it, turned the other direction


well that’s a minority. :man_shrugging: please ignore them like the rest of us.

and no its not a lot they are just the ones people like to spam posts on so they stay at the top.

the majority of us want a rework.

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