Re: another interview with jeff kaplan


Its not just revert. I recall reading plenty of feedback where Mercy mains asked to make rez an ability which you have to earn via good play. Having it on a cooldown means that there is little difference between a good Mercy and a bad one.


And yet 90% of the thread surrounding Mercy are just “revert pls” spam.

Maybe the Mercy players that don’t want a revert should rebut said spammers.


So then report it. If it doesn’t belong then it should be removed.


True, but 9 times out of 10 it’s just some other flavor of MultiRez.

Or that EeeveeA idea that was decent on the Rez part, but bonkers on the rest of the beam changes.


The thing is… I do understand that you should not be offensive or so. The formal way is always better.

But if you think about how they completely ignore the feedback of the Mercy community, breaking promises and now started to cover nerfs as buggs…
The players base has good reasons to be a bit more aggressive and angry.

The Dev team more and more look like that they don’t have the nuts

to admit a mistake and that they never talk with the actual community of Mercy.

It is reasonable to be salty because of that situation.
And they just show ignorance… Until bubble bursts and then they have a real problem.
PS: i needed to make that joke.


That something is biased does not mean it has no value, it just means that as the audience we must be aware of the source’s motivation when evaluating the content to fully understand the message. The video lacked proper tact, but it presented a lot of truths and legitimate concerns despite that.


I mean, what promises exactly are we talking about that have been broken.

All I’ve seen so far is that when Kaplan said they’d look at the “quality” of toned down too much, that Mercy mains are interpreting that as the “quantity” of nerfs.


This post was merely to prove a point. I told the poster of the other thread that the video would fall on deaf ears because of it’s tone. I’m not saying the Mercy mains don’t have legitimate concerns, just that being snarky and pedantic weren’t helping. I don’t care about their motive for making the video, it’s irrelevant to this discussion.


Well, yeah. But you could take the rez idea and build from there. It always feels like the devs live in their own bubble and dont discuss potential changes with the community.

Its the same with Sombra. Geoff said he reads the issues we have with her changes, but chooses to ignore them.

Why not take ideas from suggestions mentioned in the feedback threads? A small “that sounds like a good idea, thanks we might work with that” would be great.


I agree with what you are saying - just couldn’t take her seriously with how petty she was being.


Which video? I am not sure what anyone is talking about. Everyone is alluding to the creator as Voldemort or something, “you know who.” If Blizzard removed it, it is probably the truth. The only other threads they delete (outside of blatant troll threads) are false report threads.


This thread is going to end up locked too.


I think he said something along the lines of “If it’s not turning out well we will go back on changes”. So far the “rework” did only bad things, even with all her nerfs.

I do see your point, but only a bit. They also promised to listen to feedback, which they also didn’t.

There are more than enough reasons to be mad about the situation.


Yeah, the problem they run into with more communication is that if they change their mind, or leave anything open to interpretation, that you have more zealous posters freak out about it.


See Aria Rose’s channel on Youtube. It was her video post of the day.

I wish the community manager had explained the lock properly in the other thread. He was typing for quite a few minutes before he apparently gave up or got distracted.


You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Crazy how many people must have never heard this saying growing up.


It cant possibly be worse than it currently is.


There were walls of text for alternatives to a full revert as well. Not to mention EveeA’s suggestions for Valk and current iteration Rez which has since been buried in the shuffle of the forum.

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I locked that thread and left an explanation. Additionally, I’m locking this topic as it is serves no constructive purpose.

Thank you.