Ana is the only sniper that can't run away

I was thinking. How about instead of making shots go through full hp team mates, that when she hits a full hp team mate, but she also needs health, that projectile redirects back to herself, allowing her to get the healing?

In a way she would still need to make a “skill shot” but she would essentially be relieved from sacrificing her nade to get out of sticky situations just to self-heal.

Also Jeff, if you’re reading this. It’s time. Make Ana Wall climb :wink:

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Yeaaaaah, I don’t think the autolock is a good idea. The way we want to fix Ana is to give her opportunities to escape or outplay her opponents without lowering her skillcap, as this would since sleepdart is used close range in most situations. Maybe reduce the cooldown but decrease the duration? I’m not sure myself


I don’t think every character should have mobility… That’s the beauty of Overwatch, characters play differently and excel at different things.


While I agree with this Jeff, it seems like more often than not she’s getting the short end of the stick for two reasons:

  1. The travel time on sleep dart is too slow, unless people is at point blank a simple reactionary dash or blink is enough to dodge it, sometimes even a sidestep

  2. Allies wake up slept enemies by mistake all the time, sometimes they just don’t understand that you need to set up before hitting them and a lot of times they end up waking up and killing BOTH of you which really really sucks

Ultimately Ana can’t disengage with it for many other reasons as well but these are the most problematic ones, a vertical mobility skill would allow her to reach better spots but if done correctly she shouldn’t be faster, just able to strategize more around maps


Can you lower its cooldown so she can utilize it more, both as an escape ability and as a playmaking ability?


Mobility, no, but she does need more survivability. Whether that means passive regen on healing allies or w/e else they can do would be great.


Notice how the strongest healers have high mobility, or at least a mobility ability. Zen and Brig are the only exceptions, but their kits genuinely make up for it - unlike Ana.


A SNIPER that can’t go on SNIPER spots is a total failure of character development.


She has Biotic Grenade.

That clearly isn’t enough, considering she’s one of the worst healers in a meta where she was meant to shine.

Just give her a slightly worse version of Soldier’s sprint.
This allows her to reasonably disengage some heroes, but still get countered pretty hard by dive, just like Soldier.


Oh, hi Stylosa! Reckon we can get this to 10 mins? Joking joking! :slight_smile:

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well maybe they should buff the speed of the sleepdart in closer radius of her… so when someone comes for ana (close range)… like a flanker of tank, the sleepdart is faster, when ana is trying to sleep an hog that ults 20m away it should stay the same.

An autoaim 5 second stun… Blizz should hire you right now

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Still think simply adding 20-25hp heals/enemy or teammate hit with bionade would be enough… And that’s me, an Ana main talking.

It still doesn’t mean all characters should have mobility.

The issue is that people assume Ana is a sniper, personally I don’t ever use her scope unless shooting at the enemy or friendly Pharah, I just stick behind my tanks.

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He meant passive self regen.

I know it shouldn’t be instant but for example an ulting McCree will be able to kill you and then get slept, what’s up with that?

it should be at least faster than it currently is, not instant of course

You are correct. But when a character is being held back due to the copious amounts of mobility in this game…

No. No lock on. Sleep dart is meant to be a difficult to use skill shot.


Welp we see how that went since people can wake them up and if they live they can come back faster than you can get sleep dart again. On top of that it doesnt change the fact that she has a lack of mobility. I love ana as a character but even if it isnt an ability to get away she needs an ability to position herself quickly like widow she’s a sniper she shouldn’t have to stay close to the team as much as she does.

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You guys complain that she lacks the ability to disengage like the other supports.

He offered a suggestion to increased the mobility.

You shoot it down.