Ana doesn't do 75hps


Ah, I thought you meant deathball comps in general.


Mercy has too much value, and if they aren’t going to change Valk or Rez, downing her healing is preferable to downing her survival.

Would you prefer they reduce her survival instead?


Which Mercy was never even ran in pre rework…

You’re literally making up bs for actually no reason.


Fair point, but Deathball itself wasn’t meta between Season3 and Season5.


I love how mercy seems to quietly put away her pistol the higher she climbs :joy:


She wasn’t run in standard Dive either. She was only every ran to pocket a specific DPS (outside of garbage Mercy mains being boosted by the SR system).


Like I’ve told you before, neither. There’s nothing suggesting they won’t change rez or valk. Those are the only issues with her kit, and changing anything else would be a mistake.


Which Valk feedback thread are we on again?

Ten, I think.

If they were going to remove or rework Valk, don’t you think they would have done it already?


Because people didn’t realize Mercy is OP until recently.

The early Megathreads were literally filled with buff requests.


I mean, between recent and February sure.

But that’s mostly because the last nerf was perceived to be effective, but that perception slowly wore off.

Before that Valk Mercy was just 100% OP.


Yes, she was OP before and they nerfed her.

She is still OP now. It just took some time for people to realize.

She needs another nerf to Valkyrie + Resurrect.


Nerfing rez and valkyrie without further ruining the player experience isn’t viable anymore. They need to be reworked, not nerfed.


Well, I think we both agree at least with the base premise that current Mercy has too many strengths or not enough weaknesses.

So that’s some agreement :slight_smile:


The experience for the rest of the playerbase is ruined every day Mercy is a must-pick. If Mercy is going to be reworked that will take time. She needs to be nerfed first.


That’s not how balance works.


Mercy being fair is much more important than her being fun.

She needs to be fixed now, not in 3 months when they rework her.


I think stale rigid team compositions cause people to go a bit stir crazy.

Makes the game a lot more boring.


please do not call those who abused Mercy as mercy mains…they are gross and dirty her name.


Umm…so devs are going to try a 50HPS Mercy afterall OP.


In practice this is completely wrong.

Barriers, stuns, missed shots, LoS, and many other factors make her healing the lowest out of the main healers.

That’s why she’s getting buffed.

If you’re such a numbers guy maybe you can look up the stats.

Oh wait, someone literally gave them to you and you’re still in denial :joy: