An inside look at the ping system in Overwatch 2

An inside look at the ping system in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is introducing the highly requested ping system to the game!

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I’m glad people without mics or people who don’t want to talk can communicate now


Dayum they weren’t joking when they said more communication this time.


I am loving all the news as of late


wait this looks exactly like the ping system we have now except now it places something…

Which is good because they didn’t re-invent the wheel, they improved something that most are already familiar using and now has more function.


They’re slowly but surely re-earning my trust in the communication


I can finally ping the location of Reaper’s unintended teleports


Well, been needed for a while. Anything beyond the initial ping will be useless on console though. Calling up chat wheels mid game will be a death sentence in most cases. Might able to assign one or two to an open button.

Will be surprised if they actually considered how this will work with a controller.


Really looking forward to this. I had been playing Halo infinite a lot and pinged for snipers a lot in tactical slayer and BTB so i instinctively tried to do so in OW1 when i got back to it only to mispress calling for healing lol.

Though im kinda effy on the ping sticky onto an enemy until its out of sight. Like the idea isnt bad but i feel like its gonna be a pain in the butt to flank or prepare any surprise attack if we literally have a big “THERE HE IS” mark on our head now. I kinda prefered the way Apex, Halo and Rogue company did it where it would give the location as of when the ping was dropped and leave it at that so your team still have a general idea of where to look out for.

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Inb4 sombra is being played only for calling out enemy positions or everyone spams at the first enemy they see.

This is good and all but when a basic feature that should have been in the game from day 1 is the highlight of your game, it really lowers expectations for anything that is to come.


A ping can be ‘stuck’ to a hero while they are visible

Terrible design choice that I hope never makes it into the game.

The reason Apex’s system works so well is you can spam your pings as much as you want and it’s still helpful to your team without being annoying. Overwatch has voicelines attached to the ping which would obviously be used to annoy others which forces them to put spam protection in place. This only hurts the system overall.

They talk about Overwatch being fast-paced which means you’d likely be pinging fairly often, but the spam protection eliminates that possibility. They need to find a balance between the voicelines and how often they happen that allows you to ping when you want to without disrupting your teammates in a negative way.

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Small correction, Apex Legends also has voice lines tied to pings, but there’s a “cooldown” between them when pinging multiple times.


Blizzard should use more GIFs illustrating things in this kind of post/article.

When did they ever say a ping system was THE highlight of OW2?

And ping systems were not popular when OW was released in 2015-2016. So makes sense that it wasnt included originally.


Okay, fair enough. That shoudl be the case for Overwatch.

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Even more visual garbage on the screen + dumbing down the game. Guess this is blizz’s answer to flankers being out of control. Yay I guess…

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You can’t expect a small company like Blizzard to use such ground breaking technology in 2022.

fr though, this would go a long way toward explaining how the “sticky” pings work. Because, as described, they sound way too strong and borderline wall hacks for everyone.

For instance, let’s take the scenario given. I ping Reaper, and I can still see him so my ping is stuck to him. My teammate does not have LoS to Reaper. Does my ping remain stuck to him from my teammate’s perspective, or does my teammate see the ping only at the original position I pinged Reaper?

If it stays on him while the ping owner retains LoS, it’s way too strong. This is why pings don’t interact with the world in other games – it transcends being a communication tool and becomes an actual tactical ability.


oh no…you dont have to hear little jimmy’s fan go brrrr in your ear anymore and he can still tell you reaper is about to fil lyou full of lead