Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand




“Truth”. This coming from you, doesn’t mean much. :smirk:


I’m tired of Mercy threads aswell and it’s pretty obvious that Mercy mains in the forums like to be a rez/heal bot instead of having to use their brains. That’s doesn’t make them a majority though and shouldn’t determine how Mercy is impacting the game. Old Mercy killed the fun, just like 2.0 Mercy did and now she doesn’t have one of the highest impacts in the game while investing near to no effort anymore, which is actually a good thing.


Is OP asking for mercy on the amount of Mercy threads?


hehehe Sure it doesn’t


Doesn’t it just blow to be a troll?


Ask yourself that question you were the one who came here trolling.


Actually, you were here first trolling with false accusations and claims you literally couldn’t prove.

Mission Failed. Better Luck Next Time.


Mods sure are lazy with the locks this morning.


I still remember this. Haha, you really have no right to call anyone a troll.


Actually this was my first comment. Calling out hypocrisy isn’t trolling.


That wasn’t a troll that was a direct challenge to you which the result of was the 10-0 smack down mercy vs mercy.


Actually, that’s still saying Mercy mains mass flag posts. So, you’re still wrong lmao


Just wanted to put in bold the most important part. You seem to think beating me in a Mercy 1v1 means your statistics are better than mine. Well, sweetie, that is not correct.


Poor bastion, needs some kind of love an attention.


Pretty salty digging through past comments. Don’t know what that proves exactly other than you are a walking salt mine.

Sorry none of that’s trolling that’s just me expressing my views on a public forum.

You should probably learn to read a dictionary and search up the term “trolling” before you blindly throw the word around in future.


WHI CARES. this is a firum. you make posts. why dont you just join in? maby the devs will actually make the hero balanced (which would be removing res, or reverting they were quite close to balancing her.


Soon you’ll be only mains on this forums.
Developers already left.

Dear Toxic Ana Players/Supporters

But who cares about that?


Dear Toxic Ana Players/Supporters

Why would I need a dictionary? I can just bring up Blizzard’s definition of trolling.

It’s Trolling
This post is inflammatory, extraneous or upsetting.

Best description for all of those replies that I quoted.

Proves that you’re a troll?