Almost all players who prefer mass res are Mercy mains

So you would say ANOTHER ULT would help with the abundance of ults? Really at this point you literally are saying “Hey guys in order for this fire to stop we need to poor gasoline onto it”.

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I think Resurrect is too powerful for a basic ability. Unless it is given a charge bar or something. Valkyrie is also boring, flashy, but boring and un-impactful unless dpsing.

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I will never understand why Blizzard chose to nerf healing instead of res.

I play Mercy and I would rather see tweaks to her her current state rather than bringing back mass res in any form.

And not to throw shade, I just see the dev team turning Mercy into something else that no one likes (intentions well I’d assume).

I believe they have yet to understand the real problem with Mercy.

Also, I recommend everyone read this thread I’ve come across:

This person refutes a lot of arguments regarding current and post-rework Mercy.

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Thank you guys!

Go ahead!

not a bad idea. i support it.

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Personally, I feel Valkyrie is the much better of the two ults

Mass rez was never the focus of a meta, allowed Mercy to have an instant impact on the game like most other heroes have, and moved beyond Mercy’s base kit. There was a reason to using Rez, and a reason to use it well.

I personally feel Mercy already has carry potential because I have seen her carry. Even dominate a game…and this was prior to the recent set of 2 significant buffs

I would not say that the arguments are refuted, but there is a lot of anti-Mercy dialogue in the op

Not a Mercy main and I think mass rez was better for the game than Valk. At least with mass rez Mercy was never a must pick for near an entire year.

Honestly I’m not surprised. I mean mass res was one of those things that really gave Mercy players a moment of glory. The new Valk by comparison, doesn’t have that. It’s an ult that people barely notice even happened. It’s not really a bad ult from a balance perspective, so it’s not going to warrant a lot of “this ult sucks” balance complaints, but from people that play the character a lot, they miss having that spotlight time. With mass res you got to be the big hero.

Lucio players complained similarly about Lucio’s healing, because while it was very powerful, it was something that people didn’t directly notice. It actually made a huge impact whether you had a Lucio healing your team or not, but Lucio players didn’t feel like they were doing anything because there weren’t those moments that were big and flashy. It was slow and steady. Incredibly effective, but always slow and steady healing. And people that didn’t play Lucio always wanted a Lucio there, but Lucio players barely felt like they did anything. Mercy’s valk is much the same way. Others don’t really think it’s ineffective but it’s not that giant “I saved the day” moment that mass res was.


He said he prefers Mass Res nowadays tho.
Now go follow his words like you always do.

Given that no one has yet to effectively refute it, after scrolling down 1k replies :sob:, his arguments do look unrefuted. I’m willing to continue going through the replies but from the looks of things, the trend is likely to not change.

Mercy main here, honestly, liked 1.0, those were the glory days, but new Mercy is better, less buggy, can be quite rewarding, but needs tweaks and minor skill reworks, wont go into detail on my ideas as they’d be most likely ignored.

TLDR: Old Mercy was great, new Mercy not as great and still a long way from properly balanced, but the closest she’s even been to it so, new Mercy is better, just not one button for instant massive impact as the old one was.

Try again, old mercy was great but new one is less buggy, but in need of some work to just get to where she’ll be fun and balanced.

Wow you really are desperate for this guy to be a Mercy main. Instead of just dropping it you resort to personal attacks on their character and try to shut them down rather than acknowledge you might be wrong. It’s really not a nice thing to do.

Personally, I see plenty of posts that point out issues, inaccuracies, and etc throughout the thread.

I find it telling that many of the anti mercy folks like to point to this thread as the most liked, as if it was possible to mark the thread as anything but liked. I am all but certain that if dislike were available throughout the life of this thread, it might well be the most disliked thread on the forums

I find it even more telling the the OP has said he/she hasn’t played Mercy in a very long time