ALERT! Server issues due to DDoS attack (ENDED)

Hey everyone, as noted in multiple threads, there does appear to be an issue with Overwatch (and all other Blizzard games). I am waiting for official word to be publicly released. Please continue to follow updates from and @BlizzardCS on Twitter.

Avoid Competitive Play!

Penalties cannot be reversed from disconnections even if they are due to server issues like what we are experiencing here. Details on this policy can be found here:

Update - 8:00 PM PDT

Okay, I have received confirmation on my end, yes this is a DDoS attack.

The best course of option is to avoid playing Blizzard games until the attack is mitigated. Again, Competitive Penalties cannot be reversed. I am going to go AFK (because I am really hungry and I was about to go get food right now this started to happen), but I will try to post updates as I get them.

Update - 11:15 PM PDT

I am not seeing too many reports across the internet from all of you so my guess the worst of the storm is over. That being said, I am seeing that the DDoS warning is still posted for BattleNet. So anyone playing consider avoiding Comp unless your connection has been perfect and played several games without problem. Sometimes these messages get left up overnight.

Update - 12:20 AM PDT
The messages on the BattleNet app launcher are now taken down. I am presuming the DDoS attack has ended and services for BattleNet have resumed normally.


Sombra with the massive early Christmas gift


Now it appears any site with the domain (including support and the shop) is also affected.

This is going to be a long night.


My heart goes out to all those who got disconnected from comp, it’s not y’alls fault :frowning:


Yep, just experienced two disconnects. So I’ll wait for the issue to be resolved.

No further updates yet.

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I think it is my professors trying to tell me to study for my finals.


It is also quite possible they are working on log4j mitigation, or having issues due to it.

She broke Numbani, now this :joy: :joy:


Who decided to take their anger out on the servers? lol

There’s no way in hell this would bring the entirety of battle net down.

Sheesh, massive internet outage last night in the north east now this. My vacation week, nooooo!

Funny, BlizzardCS haven’t even acknowledged anything. I have yet to see an ACTUAL announcement from Blizzard, just hard working forum MVP’s like yourself!


It’s literally on the front page of the launcher lol.


There is a reason for that, they won’t provide details until they confirm what is causing the problem. Just know I can say they are investigating, but I cannot elaborate to more details at this time.

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It’s… the Ghost of Jetpack Cat

We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may result in high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.


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I utterly disagree with their approach, just an announcement they’re aware would make things better.

However, thank you very much for sharing your information :slight_smile: Good to know they’re investigating!