ALERT! Server issues due to DDoS attack (ENDED)

Oh thanks for the update! I’ve been waiting to get into the game for ages and was wondering what happened.

Was it a DDOS attack or something?

you can see in the launcher that they are aware of the DDoS attack. they’re working on this

Unfortunately many of us (including myself) can’t even log onto the launcher. Technically that is what the @BlizzardCS twitter feed is supposed to be for.

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Yeah and they haven’t updated anything sadly :confused:
Glad (and also kinda not glad) I’m not the only one experiencing this tho


Well, looking on the Blizz .net page, Yeah, they r experiencing a “DDOS” attack, if that is any form of vital info to know about?

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service. means someone has hacked the servers so no one can access them

Good to know. Hackers r not cool man!

Thats not accurate, its more or less someone is using multiple computers to bombard data onto a target host causing it to crash. To “hack” impies they are able to log onto the targeted computer and manipulate or steal data.


Just wondering, is anyone still actually in the game? Or has everyone been kicked?

(I’m only in the loading screen rn)

No. It does not mean the servers are “hacked”. It means a botnet is sending a ton of useless information towards blizzards services to bottleneck traffic to it.

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Glad it’s not just my xbox acting up

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So not hackers, but some1 using too many computers to make it so that then it overloads so much that it just strikes the servers? If I got the right grasp?


Okay, I have received confirmation on my end, yes this is a DDoS attack.

The best course of option is to avoid playing Blizzard games until the attack is mitigated. Again, Competitive Penalties cannot be reversed. I am going to go AFK (because I am really hungry and I was about to go get food right now this started to happen), but I will try to post updates as I get them.


Correct. For more information, google “Denial of service” :slight_smile:

Yep, it kinda looks like this…


yeah it’s pretty much that. it doesnt necessarily have to be multiple computers. there are applications that can overload IP addresses with empty packets to slow down whatever the targeted service is. it typically is done with more than one device though

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Finally got a break from studying for finals and homework torture to boot up overwatch and see this.

Sigh… 🥲


yeah it sucks. R.I.P

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Ok, yep, makes sense.


How long does this type of attack typically take to fix?