Admit Role Queue was wrong move

again, as I’ve already stated – not semantics at all, as the difference in the words is significant and consequential in terms of the item being discussed

with this now full clarified, I wont be responding further to it in this side conversation

Sorry Blizzard will never admit.

You didn’t clarify a thing. You understood what I was saying and decided to troll. Need could have been want/desired/expected/etc and the call to action in my point would have been the same. You have the benefit claiming ignorance as to what the following years had been if they had not changed it.

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This is a stereotype that is not necessarily true. There are definite cultural differences, yes, but Korean Open Queue numbers are more due to the fact that a big portion of their gamers play from internet cafes. When you’re literally paying to play on an hourly basis, you tend to maximize your actual playing time.

Fair point, but I’d say don’t knock it till we get a taste of f2p times.

thats a quote from jeff kaplan in his second last paragraph here Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2 - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums

games would usually start out with 5-6 dps and there’d be a quiet game of chicken to see who would go support or tank first. someone would usually pick support fairly early (thats how i ended up a zen main over time) then eventually, later in the match, just maybe, someone may go tank. or someone might pick a tank early then swap to dps after a minute or two.

anyone making it sound like there was 5-6 dps all match long is definitely exaggerating. not unseen, but usually it’d start as 5 or 6dps, then slowly turn into either a 5dps 1supp, 4dps 2supp, or 141. seeing 5 or 6 dps was common, it just didnt always last the whole match.

i remember feeling like in the (maybe) 2 months leading up to role queue there was deff more 2-2-2 comps forming at some point in matches. a tiny amount of time of the total pre role queue days


Whenever someone says this they tend to have the same mentality as those who say “it’s just QP” when they’re sandbagging the game, but then suddenly act like it doesn’t reach out to other players when they sandbag their games. Or those players who hate RQ for no reason or because they get long queues, but refuse to go to OQ for shorter queues because they don’t like playing 3-4+ DPS comps

In short every complaining OQ enjoyer is either highly hypocritical or just plain wrong. RQ saved the game by giving tank and support players a platform where they can guarantee meeting each other with DPS on the side, while not having that whole ordeal turn into a GOATS situation. Which BTW exists in the competitive OQ format where the best comp is to play modernized GOATS that plays Sigma

There’s just no valid reason to not have RQ in the game. Queue times? Irrelevant. Creativity? Nobody is creative anyways playing the same 1-2 heroes almost always. Both of these are just ways to try and say “I want to play DPS with 2min queues and have 2 tanks and 2 supports on their mains in my team” which is about as plausible as OW3 coming out next year

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Much like in the original, after the initial excitement settles down, the queue times will trend towards long waits for the DPS with the support queue replacing tanks as the bottleneck. However, with the new monetization model Blizzard will have a powerful tool to artificially influence queue times.

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Or you know by not including OQ and essentially doing everything they could to kill it they more or less killed it? Still a popular mode in Korea. Second to this everyone that enjoyed OQ prolly quit already to a much bigger degree.

RQ turned out as everyone with some wits about them said it would. Long queues, slowly increasing and having people quit. Insufferable players throwing harder than ever before due to the RQ SR essentially not punishing someone for playing at all if they do not care about a role. To top it off we got fast pass to increase tank throwing just a tidy bit more.

Takes some serious brain to make a system like this :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Lack of balance changes revolving around Open Queue, it was never taken serious since then. Those that loved Open Queue left and some have came back but it will never be what it used to be. Like who would want to come back after their voices were silenced. Blizzard was pretty slow to reimplement it back into Overwatch too.

Additionally, OW2 will solidify Open Queue’s death because tanks are now overpowered and also, the death of 6v6. Unless they pull the same thing again and reintroduce it like Open Queue later in the future. But then again, that 6v6 mode will be as dead as Open Queue.

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Role lock was the final hit that stopped me playing the game, and at that point i was already only playing qp. Classic QP (or how it is called) in Arcade isn’t taken seriously 100% of times, even if most of times i played almost perfect team composition, like old qp.


we will stay in OW2 10th anniversary and duuuh people complaining about role queue!

Role Queue is the better thing was made on OW1, thing i that think is secretly really made for ow2 + 5v5

wait the early acess release and play

They just needed to limit tank pick up to 2 characters per team w/o any role lock, and that would have fixed everything, but nope, let’s go hard way instead. A complete denial that tanks are the issue in this game, and supports enabling all the crap, lead them to a dead game. Ngl, ow2 would be like 6/10 max compared to what ow used to be and eventually decay, no battlepass or f2p will save the game from bad development.

Yeha pretty much same as me… I went to play random heroes… the game is more enjoyable with the unknown instead of a forced meta

2/2/2 goes against the idea of freedom/creativity/playing-together-how-you-want that OW debuted with, but it’s not terrible. if the queue times weren’t so abhorrent i don’t think many people would mind.

we should’ve just queued as normal, get into a game, and then choose a role first-come-first-serve. far more efficient than what we have now.


I always thought role queue was terrible and still do to this day.

Sure it reduces the annoyance of getting “3 dps” and one healer, but it also completely kills any creative freedom and creates the queue time issue we have right now…


Thats why i started playing this game…

Laughs in Oceania open queue servers being longer than tank, DPS and support queues combined
Role queue, especially for quick play, was an abysmal idea and affected the servers with lower populations drastically.

I have to disagree with this.
Game not meant to play open
It’s a disaster to play 5 dps with no heals or tank

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Agree with the trimming down of freedom not feeling great, but i dont think they really had a choice. 222 resolved a load of problems not just for the quality of games at the time, but for the entire future of the game.

The problem with first come first served is players queueing up to play their favorite hero and getting locked into a role they dont even like because their PC doesnt load fast enough or someone clicked faster. I can see plenty of players getting annoyed and leaving if that was the case.