Account got wiped when logging into ow2

I’m in the same boat. Played hundreds of hours on PS4 only for my progress to be deleted in favour of my PC stats which have literally only 30 minutes of gameplay on it.

Honestly wondering if there is cause for a lawsuit here, considering many of us paid hundreds of dollars on skins only for them to be deleted. Giant companies like Blizzard often don’t care about consumers until threats of being sued are thrown around. Any lawyers wanna look through the EULA and see if we are getting scammed here?


I’m in the same boat. I was level 500-ish on Xbox (but also had small profiles on PS5 and Switch) and now I have zero progression or statistics on Xbox. This is absolute insanity. I hope my stuff comes back soon. I’m currently playing the tutorial… :expressionless:

Don’t bother. I deleted the game and reinstalled it. And after waiting for hours and hours, still nothing. It’s absolutely pathetic.

I hate that there stating “some”, and not “some to all cosmetics,…” since im not missing “some” im missing everything that i played for years. This shouldnt have been a issue in the first place, but since they want to move there players to a newer version that isnt even the same game as the first one. They should of just kept 1 and 2 seperate this would’nt have been a problem.


This is my exact same problem, blizzard better do something about this, or else they’re gonna lose a whole ton of players


To everyone worried about their account. They sent out an annoucment a few minutes ago, check it out

After a looong wait, I got in to the blank slate, and now (I got in earlier) Account Merge is an option at the bottom of the main menu, however nothing happens when I press the button. Do I have to complete the “play a game now” tutorial, or wait longer?


Same here, everything just gone

That is what happened to me. It was like grayed out sorta. Nothing happened when trying to click on it. When my bf logged in on his , it was also there but had a green icon or something by it. He clicked on it and it said something like yay all your stuff is here etc etc. :roll_eyes:

All my stats and skins are also gone, waited an hour just to be disappointed,

My account is back to level one too, no cosmetics, gameplay, skins, icons, sprays, etc. It even reset the tutorial so I have to play it before finding a real match lol, it’s like I’m a new player. Sucks so many other people are dealing with this, hope it gets resolved soon though


spends hours waiting in queue
finally gets in, very excited :^D
1000s of hours of gameplay suddenly nonexistent

this is unacceptable ffs get your sht together Blizzard


Same Boat done Merge and lost everything Golden Guns, skins, emote and other stuff all just gone

Same here, I merged my PS4 account in the past. All my skins, golden weapons, emotes and stuff are gone. I was a PS4 player, but I only have my switch for now. When I log in, I am considered a new player, BUT I have Kiriko unlocked and the origins edition skins from Overwatch 1. However, all my old stuff is gone :frowning:

Same, after all the waiting I’ve lost all my cosmetics

I am in the queue in the account merge. (i played on ps4 and now pc). How long does this take? I’ve been in the queue for a day now! When I press on it then comes ,your account is ready for a merge, close the game" but when I do that and open again nothing has changed

Guys. I know possible fix for the issue. When I did sms thing when started ow2, I scanned qr code and got to login page, I used my Google account, and this account was automatically pinned to And this Google account was created in ow2 instead my PS4, try to go to account connections and unpin accounts you don’t need. After that game suggested me to transfer my progress.

The most frustrating thing about this is that I haven’t seen a PEEP about it from any devs or managers. They’re just ignoring it and going at most “oh there’s some issues we’re working on it” no possible remedy, nothing. My girl is losing her shít cause she played Xbox exclusively and after waiting countless hours to log in everything she worked for is missing. And nobody has a straight answer about it


I’m a PS4 player with ORGINS edition, all of my legendary cosmetics and all that are gone, including my ORGINS skins

That’s odd, probably a bug, because my ‘fresh’ account here only has my Origins skins, so I know it knows me, just has nothing else. Not even Noire which I re-downloaded just before installation (I mean it’s on the same HD and everything, so why wouldn’t it be there?)

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