A Mercy revert could revive Overwatch

well im really glad that all expect mercy are in a good place but the support roster includes mercy and she is definitely not in a good spot. that’s why I’m disappointed, because they neglected mercy as if she doesn’t need any changes when she clearly does. like they can go ahead and be like “yup all supports but mercy are great! just not mercy though :D”

Im just disappointed at the fact of them neglecting mercy, thats all.

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Quite the opposite, a mercy revert can kill ow.
Immagin mass Rez with the current deathball meta.

How, exactly?

Well, for the moment, the player base (excluding Mercy players) and the Overwatch team got what they wanted. Mercy’s no longer an ‘OP must-pick’.

My guess is they’ll finish the Torb rework and, while working on that, hope that the community’s infighting regarding Mercy dies down a bit, so they can set about un-dumpstering her in a later patch. Like Ryto said in Mercy will get her own patch, any change to Mercy in the patch notes, regardless of what kind of change, would’ve completely overshadowed anything else.

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i see what you mean and it makes sense. at least i hope they even bother to talk about mercy due to how popular she is in forums and lack of response about her. you know what i mean?

Yeah. Part of the lack of response is caused by the general behavior of community members. Anything related to Mercy is met with extreme toxicity, and this makes it hard to say pretty much anything about her, except for spinning her nerfs in a positive way.

I’m starting to think that the best way to ‘communicate’ with the Mercy community, is to take high level Mercy players like Titanium, EeveeA, etc. and work out something in private conversations, far away from the community forums, possibly with an NDA slapped onto it, until something workable can be presented in the patch notes.

The way I see it, they’d take the highly liked Mercy rework suggestions, such as Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State or Suggestions for Mercy from someone with too much time on her 📝, get the authors and, like I said, high level Mercy players involved, and run everything through a process of elimination. Take out the things that won’t work, keep the things that do, and try and combine that into something that can last a good while.


Its understandable but most of the hate i see coming is from other people who arent mercy mains but of course there are a lot of mercy mains who’d be toxic towards is as well. It also sounds like a great idea to actually talk to top mercy players to dicuss such matters but wouldn’t they have done that from the start? i heard that they listened to pro streamers and people who complain too much about mercy but they didnt hear mercy mains out? yeah some would be one-sided and say that ‘she is in a good place’ but the good mercy mains would know what is ‘healthy’ for the game and they could’ve went for them instead.

anyways i guess all we have to do now is wait even more for some news about her :confused: but hey I
d be happy to know when they do say something. anything at least :3

Well, this was done in a time where they were setting up the OWL, and it so happened that Mercy’s Mass Resurrect meant she’d hardly see any play time there. If you remember, running Mercy in high level games, where she was easily negated, was a liability, and it was a much safer strategy to run Ana or Zen + Lúcio for healing, instead.

That just wouldn’t fly, given that, in order to attract the largest possible audience, the most popular heroes had to be represented, and that meant that Mercy, being the most popular hero by a large margin, needed changing.

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yes i understood the changes and i was worried what kind of direction her rework would take her. I actually loved when it came out but of course she was way too strong and dominated the competitive matches. but nerf after nerf, they it was justified till they turned away from the actual problem and decided to nerf her original kit which is the heals. if they decided to nerf or do the right changes, no one would have complained, its just the fact that they took an unexpected turn of events and didnt listen to the ideas that were being shared here and there.

The mere idea that the health of the entire game depends on one single character is both insulting to every non-Mercy main and a sign that the game’s design is too contingent on them.

Mass Rez would bring back some fun to Overwatch. It’s pretty boring for me to play right now.

you see, no one wants mercy to overshine any healers thus why so many mercy mains where desperate for a better and healthier change but they took so long and mercy dominated competitive season longer than anyone anticipated. Let me remind you that it is not the mercy mains’ fault that blizzard took too long to fix other supports and took too long to nerf mercy (despite not even fixing her and made her even worse that mercy 1.0) As a mercy main, I am so happy other healers get to have a chance and i have even been playing ana,brigitte, moira a lot, tons of fun! but my most favorite hero is just completely out of the scope because of how mistreated she was and no updates on her what so ever.

im sure you would understand how we feel when devs arent listening to feedback and neglecting her like that. We just want to equally have fun with others playing a hero we like.

I think it’s weird how anyone with even a slight semblance of game knowledge could’ve told Blizzard that Mercy’s rework would be as bad as it launched. I remember explaining the rework to my younger brother, and he looked at me, almost wide-eyed, calling it stupidly overpowered and completely broken.

For me, the rework wasn’t that much fun at all; it was so stupidly overpowered, it was actually pretty dull, with the excitement of a successful Mass Rez watered down and spread out over the 20 seconds it originally lasted. Once the novelty wore off, it wasn’t any more fun than simply playing Mercy’s base kit.

So much problems could’ve been avoided if they’d just not forced the e-sports on us, and instead just balanced the game around comp. Replacing the invulnerability with damage resistance would’ve been an easy tweak and addressed a few issues right off the bat, together with the SR fix they released shortly after the rework.

From there, anything could’ve been done, like going back and seeing if maybe that 1 second cast time would actually work now that Mercy had damage resistance. Or add burst healing to Rez and allow it to be used pre-emptively, as well, so the “Mercy waits for her team mates to die” criticism can be put to rest.

The tweakability of Mercy’s pre-rework kit is infinitely larger than post-rework, which doesn’t offer much, at all, as it’ll either be OP or UP. With Valkyrie, there isn’t really a middle ground to be had that appeases both sides.

I’m a Mercy Main, and I don’t think Mercy needs a revert, I tough, that people were just raging when they sayed that it was hide and rez, but actually it was ri t, I watched all Mercy “huge plays compilation”, and every time it was just hide and rez, so she need a rework, but a revert would still be way too frustrating and unfair.

A plain revert wouldn’t work, at all, and I don’t think that anyone on the pro-revert ‘team’ would want it to return as-is, as it’d solve none of the issues and simply bring us back to square one.

I guess i found it a little fun to dominate some games ahah. i actually avoided comp because of how weirdly strong she felt. Good thing i did because i would’ve placed somewhere i don’t belong. but I guess the devs offering something new to the table got me a bit excited, till all the problems came in and what you say completely supports it. And it does seem that pre-rework couldve had way better chances as well. dont see why they bothered to make something ‘new’ for her.

How do you revive something that’s not dead? :thinking:

Yes, so that’s why Mercy needs a rework, no a revert ^^ like a rez charge when you heal 500 hp (I saw that on a topic and even if it would not be the same as low ranks than high, because people would less damage in Low Ranks so you’ll have rez less, but people will die less so you won’t need to rez them), or a healing based on range, like if you’re far, you heal less than if you’re in close range, but if yes I want a huge ammount of heal at close range, like 80/s, and maybe only 35/s at max range.

I assume you’re referring to my post? I don’t see how adding the option of using it on living team mates invalidates the name, as it can still be used, if so desired, in it’s old use case. Or keep the thing gated to a dead team mate, if you’re really of the opinion that the name should match it’s function. You are still incentivized to use it early and more often.

What? I was replying to the OP and his title as in “Revive Overwatch”.